WELTEC BIOPOWER builds its first biogas plant in Taiwan

Taiwan government aims for a climate-neutral economy by 2050

Together with its Asian partner Melchers Taiwan, the manufacturer WELTEC BIOPOWER is building a biogas plant in the southwest of the island state.

For the 360 ​​kilowatt plant, the German biogas specialist provides a proven turnkey solution based on high-quality stainless steel technologies. WELTEC BIOPOWER is responsible for engineering, execution and full service, including biological analyses. Taiwan is the 26th country in which the organization is building a biogas plant.

Construction of the operator’s headquarters in Tainan City on Taiwan’s southwest coast is expected to begin in 2023, with commissioning scheduled for 2024.

“As this is our first biogas plant in the country, we are particularly pleased to be able to bring our proven technology to this project,” said Vladimir Bogatov, Asia-Pacific Sales Manager at WELTEC BIOPOWER.

In addition to the electricity fed into the grid, part of it will be used for the plant’s own use. The heat from the biogas plant is also used to heat the operator’s production facilities directly at the plant and via a local heating network: among other things, it is used to supply a pigsty which is equipped by the company dam of WELTEC, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp. The circular economy concept envisages using the pig manure produced as the main substrate for the operation of the biogas plant.

The stainless steel fermenters take into account the special requirements of the island state – due to its tectonic position, Taiwan experiences severe earthquakes with far-reaching consequences with above-average frequency. The special stainless steel construction and the high stability of the biogas plant are suitable for the high earthquake probability and the local wind load specifications. Another advantage is that only a small amount of work is required for the on-site construction, as the project is intensively supported by the WELTEC team at Vechta headquarters.

We are extremely satisfied with our partnership with WELTEC BIOPOWER, one of the world leaders in the construction of biogas plants. The quality of the factory, the high technical level, the expertise in the implementation of projects, especially in Asia and the after-sales support in the efficiency of the factory immediately convinced us and our customers. , cooperation,explained Melchers Taiwan General Manager Tudor Pascu.

And the fact that WELTEC BIOPOWER has already completed several projects in Japan, South Korea and China could prove to be a strategic advantage for other biogas projects in Taiwan in the future.added Vladimir Bogatov.

Such framework conditions are also expected to contribute significantly to Taiwan becoming a climate-neutral economy by 2050 as planned, the company said.

At the end of March 2022, this target was published by the Taipei government as part of a new roadmap.

The roadmap foresees billions of dollars of public investment for this project. Already experienced market players such as Melchers Taiwan and WELTEC BIOPOWER are expected to play an important role in this process and are keen to cooperate with authorities to support the implementation path.


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