Warlingo reverses marketing terms to help Ukraine


Many years ago there was a magazine called Campaign, which confused everyone. What was it? I thought it was about Fleet Street or something when I went to work there, but I was very confused when the first splash I saw was about a company called Geers Gross (I later learned that it was an advertising agency.)

The terminology could come from Sandhurst: campaigns, launches, guerrilla warfare, executions and assaults. One of the first (not interesting) stories I had to report was of someone or other “dropping meatballs in Colchester”. The old town hadn’t seen so much action since Boudicca.

Such terminology is now a marketing staple, and a new RXM Creative Warlingo site for the humanitarian organization Razom tries to keep the war in Ukraine top of mind by inviting all those armchair generals to support Ukrainian causes by donating. whenever they use such a term. .

RXM Creative detects how many wartime terms a website uses and then suggests donating an equivalent amount to a suggested charity.

RXM Co-Founder and Creative Director Raul Mandru says, “This is an opportunity to pause and reflect on how many military terms we use in everyday professional language and how this affects the corporate culture. We want to inspire the creative industry to be proactive about Ukraine and use all their bright brains to fight for democracy.


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