Video: One last look inside the Landmark Mall


If you grew up in Alexandria shopping at the Landmark Mall, this may make you sad.

But it’s also fascinating.

YouTube content creators “The Proper People,” who travel the world sneaking into old or historic abandoned structures, traveled to Alexandria in early May just days before demolition of the Landmark Mall began. The almost 38 minute videobelow, includes images of Macy’s, Sears, the food court, mall security office and more.

Stumbling upon shattered glass and flashlight trashed holiday decorations, The Proper People saw evidence that the mall was being used for security training (or possibly paintball warfare). The Proper People posted the video on June 30.

At the time of filming, demolition equipment was already parked outside the mall and all of the building’s fluorescent lights had been removed, often indicating a demonstration is imminent – the Environmental Protection Agency Environment recommends this step because fluorescent lights contain mercury vapor that can be released when the bulbs are broken.

Demolition of Landmark Mall began on May 12 and cleanup of the site is expected to take several more weeks. The 51-acre site will become a mixed-use development, anchored by a new hospital and trauma center.

Watch the video here:

Note: Alexandria Living does not tolerate break and enters.


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