Trickfilm presents a new distribution and monetization platform for animators


Trickfilm Entertainment Inc. has announced the official launch of its new online platform, Trickfilm, with the mission to “democratize the production, distribution and monetization of independent animation worldwide”.

As an alternative to the animation industry’s traditional business model, Trickfilm aims to transfer control (and rewards) into the hands of the people who create and own the intellectual property.

“The market for animated content is exploding, but creators aren’t necessarily benefiting from this increased demand for their work,” said Jeremy McCarron, CEO and Founder of Trickfilm. “Trickfilm allows animation producers to connect directly with their true fans and generate revenue from their creations.”

Trickfilm provides a platform through which filmmakers can distribute their work, without restriction, and monetize it through the direct sale of associated digital, virtual and physical goods to their audience. The platform also allows audiences to experience a wide variety of animation genres, mediums, formats and styles from around the world and directly support the artists who create it.

“Our goal is to be the home of independent animation,” McCarron continues, “where viewers have access to amazing artists, content, and merchandise anywhere, anytime. That’s Cartoons Saturday morning as a service!

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