Trade Desk’s OpenPath to give advertisers access to premium digital ad inventory


The Trade Desk (TTD), maker of ad buying software, has announced the launch of OpenPath, a new product designed to provide advertisers with direct access to premium digital ad inventory. OpenPath allows publishers to integrate directly with The Trade Desk.

The Trade Desk has notified ad technology partners that it plans to leave Google’s Open Bidding platform by April 15, 2022. The Trade Desk will continue to buy through the Google Ad Exchange.

With the new tool, advertisers can directly access ad impressions created by these publishers, and publishers are better positioned to maximize revenue from these impressions. OpenPath aims to remove inefficiencies often present in the programmatic digital advertising supply chain, including opaque and harmful walled garden privileges.

The Open Path product will allow publishers to solicit offers directly from their advertiser clients, eliminating the middleman. Early publishing partners to join OpenPath include Reuters, The Washington Post, Gannett | USA Today Network, Conde Nast, McClatchy, Hearst Magazines, Hearst Newspapers, Advance Local, MediaNews Group, Tribune Publishing, Nexstar Digital, and CafeMedia, among others. With this announcement, The Trade Desk remains committed to serving advertisers only.

With the launch of OpenPath, The Trade Desk will deactivate Google Open Bidding on its platform. Jeff Green, co-founder, president and CEO of The Trade Desk, said, “OpenPath levels the playing field for advertisers, ensuring they get transparent and objective access to the best digital ad inventory, starting by many of the best news outlets in the world. “OpenPath is a great example of industry leaders working together to advance an open marketplace that ensures transparent price competition and maximizes value for advertisers and publishers,” added Green.

As the world’s leading provider of trusted information, we are delighted to partner with The Trade Desk on a solution that will positively move the media industry forward,” said Eric Danetz, chief revenue officer, Reuters. “Transparency and trust are essential to any customer relationship. We expect this solution to guide advertisers to trusted information environments where their media dollars will reach engaged audiences of globally-minded individuals and professionals while driving successful business results.

Julia Belanger, managing director of Zeus at The Washington Post, said: “We have long believed that a more streamlined supply chain benefits both advertisers and publishers. With Zeus, we’ve seen that translate into real revenue for publishers as they take control of their programmatic strategy.” “We’re excited to partner with The Trade Desk, creating an OpenPath integration that gives our Zeus Performance editors access to this new network,” added Belanger.

“OpenPath aligns with our goal of creating a transparent, well-informed digital advertising environment driven by journalism that strengthens the communities we serve,” said Tony Berg, chief revenue officer at McClatchy. “We are delighted to partner with The Trade Desk on this important step to improve the efficiency and transparency of the programmatic supply chain.”

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