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All about The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, the long-awaited series coming out this year

Five years have passed since the news delighted and surprised all Tolkien fans in equal measure. The secrecy surrounding the project all this time has only increased anticipation and excitement. Finally, the time has come: the first of the series, The Lord of the Rings: power rings.

A crazy budget, an overwhelming display of special effects, and a story that promises to delight fans and characters, both known and new, are sure to conquer laptops, TVs, and smartphones around the world.

Middle-earth returns. Amazon Prime Videothe series’ streaming platform, is building on the Lord of the Rings sequel to attract far more viewers and new users, as it seeks self-propelled and robust content to entice people to subscribe.

“A cast of characters – some familiar and some new – must contend with the reappearance of evil in Middle-earth. From the darkest depths of the Misty Mountains to the majestic forests of Lindon, from the island kingdom of Numenor to the far reaches of map, these places and characters will forge legacies that will endure beyond their demise,” Amazon Prime said.

The Spanish director, Juan Antonio Bayona, directs the first two chapters of this blockbuster, the most expensive in history and for which it is estimated that the streaming platform paid more than 700 million dollars in its first season, including the acquisition of its production and rights. The result is a visually spectacular fantasy of glory.

Which Tolkien book did they base the series on?

Unlike the the Lord of the Rings movies or the Hobbit spin-off trilogy, Rings of Power is not based on any specific book. The series won’t focus on many of the beloved characters from the original trilogy, as it predates its time. Considering each era spans around a thousand years, it’s surprising that the characters coincide. You won’t see Bilbo, Legolas, Frodo, or Aragorn in the show, but there are some repetitive characters, albeit a lot younger than we already know.

When and where to see it?

The first two chapters are coming to Prime Video on September 1. The rest will be released at the rate of one per week.

What story will the Rings of Power tell?

From what we understand, we will see how the 20 rings of power are forged: seven for the dwarves, three for the elves, nine for the Men, and one for Sauron, whom we will surely see acquiring the power that makes him the terrible adversary we know. You can watch the series now by clicking HERE.

The story of Lord of the Rings:

It takes place in an environment set in the Third Age of the Sun of Middle-earth, a fictional and fantastic place populated by men and other anthropomorphic races like elves, hobbits or dwarves, as well as many other real creatures and fantastic.

The story recounts the journey of the main character, Frodo Baggins, hobbit of the Shire, to destroy the One Ring and the war the enemy would cause to recover it since it is the greatest source of the power of its creator, the dark Lord Sauron.

Amazon Prime Video reports that 25 million people worldwide watched The Rings of Power on its first day of release. The company reports that this is the service’s best premiere yet.

Article: Andrea Esteban


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