The New York Times plans to expand advertising to products other than news


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The industry is approaching a pivotal year (2026) when digital newspaper advertising revenue will exceed print newspaper advertising revenue, according to the latest Global Entertainment & Media Outlook report from PricewaterhouseCoopers. And, frequency trends for printing are moving away from the full seven-day print delivery. Editor & Publisher recently spoke with Kevin Rehberg, Vice President of Client Development at the Alliance for Audited Media, to see what AAM is doing in the changing market.

The world is a crazy place and sometimes seems to spiral out of control. And then there are the grim predictions about our industry – the decline of newsrooms, the death of print and the loss of faith in the media. Say what you want about the decline of newsrooms and the death of print, but as long as there are people like the Report for America 250 body members and the newsrooms that house them from our side, we can always win the battle.

If you’re reading this and your organization is still standing, congratulations! The worst of the pandemic, physically speaking, is behind you and you have weathered an unpredictable global crisis for over two years. And your reward is an impending recession.

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