The Man Behind The Viral Meme Horse Drawing Talks Publicity


Ali Bati, award-winning Executive Creative Director, manages a number of diverse advertising campaign initiatives, from getting more people to enroll in art school to helping preserve the planet’s biodiversity. But he always begins his approach in the same way: “The key is to find the human truth”, he explains to Entrepreneur Magazine editor Jason Feifer. “Market dynamics may be different around the world, but we essentially have more in common than we think.”

Bati explains how an ad for a drawing school turned into an incredibly viral Game of Thrones meme

Recently, the World Wildlife Federation challenged Bati to come up with a campaign drawing attention to animals on the brink of extinction. But rather than focusing on cute and cuddly creatures, the campaign took a different approach. They described how scary a world without sharks, scorpions and the like would be. “For a campaign to be engaging, it needs to be tense so people care more about it,” says Bati. “When you look at it, it triggers a reaction or an emotion. And that’s what we were looking for.”

Watch the full interview to learn more about how Bati approaches new projects and how you can use the same creative process to deliver messages that resonate with your audience.


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