The best and biggest Black Friday deals for music producers


It’s Black Friday again. As the cost of living increases, now is the best time to buy a plugin/hardware and spend all your time at home making beats. There are massive offerings including Ableton, Landr, and Eventide. There are also free plugins from Spitfire and Soundtoys. Good navigation.

Ableton – 20% Off Entire Board

As the photo suggests, there’s not much to guess here.

Ableton is offering 20% ​​off Live, Push and Packs. This offer applies to Live 11 (Suite, Standard and Intro), Push, upgrades to Live 11 (Suite or Standard), Max for Live, all Packs and crossgrades to Max 8. Nothing to add here. You all know we use it everyday so fill your boots.

Landr – Save $1,000

How about $99 versus up to $3,160? Yes, I thought so. Same here.

Landr offers the first subscription of its kind. For $99 you get everything you need to create, publish, and master your music. Buying them individually would cost you 35 times more. 35x! Here is a brief overview of What’s inside:

  • Plugins: Access to LANDR’s 9 plugins, plus over 20 bonus plugins from brands like IK Multimedia, Baby Audio, Arturia and more
  • To master: Unlimited mastering
  • Distribution: Unlimited music distribution on more than 150 platforms and keep 100% of your royalties
  • Samples: 1200 credits to use on our library of more than 2 million royalty-free samples
  • Collaboration tools: Text and video messaging for creators.
  • Services marketplace for musicians and unlimited cloud space
  • Course: Berklee, Melodics, Groove3, deconstructed hit songs

Spitfire – Get a Free Library with the Pro Pack!

That’s a lot of a big business. Spitfire offers the Black Weekend Professional Pack for £499. What does it bring you?


  • Phobos BT
  • Orbis
  • Spitfire Symphonic Strings Evolutions
  • Hauschka Composer’s Toolbox
  • Wood Evolutions

Additionally, you get a Free Symphony Cassette Overture when you purchase the complete set. You can see it here.


Soundtoys – Get a small heater for free!

Soundtoys has announced another massive Black Friday party. While there are huge savings to be had on simply brilliant products, it’s the FREE little heater that is likely to excite many growers. Get it FREE, get into Soundtoys, then take advantage of all the other amazing offers they have right now.

  • Sound Toys 5 $499 > $229
  • Effects rack $299 > $129
  • Individual plugins $99-199 > 29-49$
  • small radiator$79 > FREE (with code HOLIDAYHEAT)

Arturia – A huge catalog at a low price

The French sound giants end up in most people’s catalog for obvious reasons. From great hardware to great emulations, they cover a variety of bases. Anyone who loves a good synth will also love Pigments. It’s a beast. Get it for 50% off this November and huge other savings too.

Collection V 9: 33 musical instruments, from hybrid software synths to reimagined keyboard icons.

$599 > $299.

Effect Collection 3: 26 expertly designed plugins with a modern musical character.

$399 > $199

Pigments: the darling of the soft synth world.

$199 > $99

Loopcloud – 2 months for £2 plus a free copy of Sublab XL

Loopcloud is coming down from the sky with huge deals PLUS a free copy of SubLab XL.

Current through December 6, get two months of Loopcloud for just $2/£2/€2 and receive a free copy of the revolutionary SubLab synthesizer, worth $70..

New Fangled Audio – Invigorate

Newfangled Audio has released Invigorate, a bus compressor like no other. Invigorate can smoothly transition from compression to limiting to overdrive, making it quick and easy to mix in the right amount of character and ring out your mixes, buses, and tracks. HUGE.

The Invigorate user interface features a unique radar display and intelligent gain compensation engine that lets you hear and see exactly what you’re doing. Three-tone controls (Sensitivity, Input Drive, and Output Tone) give you unprecedented control over the tone of your compressed signal. Invigorate also includes over 200 presets, including some developed by renowned artists, selected for a variety of audio sources, full mixes and mastering.

Invigorate is available from Eventide Audio with an introductory retail price of $49 ($99 MSRP).

Crossgrade discounts are available for owners of other Newfangled Audio products.

Kush Audio – Get high…but with tube saturation

LG Drive is a simple and elegant device and it’s new.

This is a 2-Stage Tube Saturation color box whose thick, creamy distortions are taken directly from the AR-1 variable mµ compressor. When these distortions are coupled with a set of simple yet powerful filters and then mixed with the unprocessed signal, the result is a deceptively powerful tone-shaping tool that rivals (and often exceeds) EQ.

In addition it comes from Kush-Audio – a consistent winner in the YouTube thumbnail war! Comedy aside, Kush is all about quality so it’s definitely worth a look. And if you’re looking for the other kush, you might be disappointed but then maybe pleasantly surprised? In any case, are the resellers even offering Black Friday offers?

Beat Scholar – The Most Interesting Drum Sequencer We’ve Seen This Year

We love this plugin from Beat Scholar. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen and despite the overwhelming GUI, it’s actually very easy to use.

It’s especially suited for musicians looking for a great drum sequencer accompanist (808 anyone!?) and gives you plenty of options to program simple, yet incredibly complex things, easily.

Question: What do you get if Roland and Dominoes Pizza get married and produce a baby?

Answer: Modalics ‘Beat Scholar’.


Universal Audio – Last But Not Least

Last but not least is Universal Audio. There are very few lists where UA would be bottom but this list is not in any order. This is UA after all, a company with amazing sounding software and hardware and some of the most sought after gear.

As a Black Friday special, new subscribers to UAD Spark will be able to get an extended 3-month trial for just 99¢. UA’s native plug-in subscription for Mac and Windows PC, UAD Spark offers a growing collection of plug-ins and instruments, with titles from Neve, Moog, API, Lexicon, Studer, and UA.


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