Tech start-up Invii announces ecosystem of products to help restaurants


The restaurant industry is reeling from the impact of COVID-19. About 110,000 restaurants across the country have closed. Two out of three restaurant workers have lost their jobs. Demand is down, sales too.

Are you doing better ?

Raleigh-based startup Invii seeks to solve these problems — and more, with an ambitious goal.

“We want to help the industry adapt quickly to consumer needs,” says Managing Director Brandon Saldan. “The data shows that restaurants are still looking for solutions to pandemic-related issues, even two years later.”

Invii today announced an ecosystem of products designed to help restaurants manage customer orders, accept payments, manage menus and employees, and more.

“We are building a suite of applications around mobile technology,” says Chief Technology Officer Mustafa Mohamed, “97% of all Americans own a smartphone. We want to develop an extension of existing mobile capabilities and enable customers to do even more with what they all carry in their pockets every day, including seamlessly ordering and paying for food and drink at in-person restaurants.

Advertised products include an NFC-enabled customer ordering and payment platform, an online menu builder, an employee management system and an all-in-one “dashboard” that allows restaurateurs to collect and analyze detailed statistics about their business and its feeds.

“We’re excited to introduce Invii as an open and accepting platform for restaurants to run exactly the way they want without locking them into expensive, slow and outdated management systems,” continues Mohamed.

The dashboard seamlessly integrates with existing point-of-sale systems, and Invii’s payment system is compatible with several popular payment platforms – allowing restaurant customers to pay for their orders in a way that was never before. not possible so far.

“We can’t wait to see restaurants on board Invii, and we look forward to giving restaurants access to tools they can use to increase profits, attract more customers, and make smart decisions about their menus,” says Saldan.

A waiting list is now open for restaurants interested in learning more. Invii hopes to launch these products nationwide within the next six months.


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