Sydney considering ban on advertising promoting fossil fuels


Advertising promoting fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas may soon be a thing of the past in Sydney, Australia, where the government is considering banning advertisements in buildings and public spaces.

The possible move follows an open letter from more than 200 health professionals and organizations, who called for the bans citing the health and climate effects of burning coal, oil and gas.

Deputy Mayor Jess Scully said: “I am proud to lead a motion that would see a blanket ban on fossil fuel advertising.

“The motion asks the council to advocate for state and federal governments to restrict fossil fuel advertising similar to the 1992 federal ban on tobacco advertising.”

She said the heavy influence wielded by fossil fuel companies, which spend millions on advertising every year, has contributed to insufficient action on climate change.

“It’s about drawing a line in the sand, without saying more, we see through this bleaching, we see through the marketing spin,” Cr Scully said.

Scully will move a motion at Monday’s council meeting calling for an investigation into the restriction of fossil fuel ads and sponsorship deals.

“Air pollution from the burning of fossil fuels takes 8.7 million lives prematurely every year – worse than tobacco,” said Cr Scully’s motion.

These targeted advertisements could include cars and gas-heated swimming pools.

“People don’t realize how many messages about fossil fuels there are in their daily lives,” Scully said.

Comms Declare Founder Belinda Noble added that “Australia was a global leader in stopping tobacco advertising and sponsorship and now we are poised to become leaders in reducing promotion. toxic and high-emitting fossil fuels.


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