Surfside Solutions Unveils Cannabis Advertising Platform for Canadian Market


A Manhattan-based marketing technology company has now expanded its advertising platform outside of the Big Apple and into Canada.

Thursday, Surfside Solutions Inc. announced that its marketing service will be available to Canadian brands and dispensaries.

Surfside says that through a combination of its demand-side platform (DSP) and customer data platform (CDP), the company will be able to offer an all-inclusive promotion solution for cannabis establishments.

Businesses looking to use customer data by promoting products and services to customers through mobile apps and websites would apparently be impressed with Surfside’s marketing capabilities.

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“Surfside has been a great advertising partner for our business,” said Will Alexandermarketing manager at Burb, a BCcannabis dispensary chain and equipment.

“By giving us the ability to advertise to local cannabis consumers with digital ads and track e-commerce and in-store sales results, Surfside helps ensure that every advertising dollar we spend helps us. to grow,” he added.

With the Surfside platform available in the North, Canadian cannabis business operators can now closely track e-commerce and in-store results derived from advertising efforts in an effective performance dashboard, utilize over 25,000 attributes behavioral tools to reach different audiences and advertise to cannabis consumers through more than one million mobile apps and websites.

“We have strengthened our presence and our capacities in Canada through a series of partnerships and campaigns over the past twelve months and we look forward to starting to help more Canadian customers grow as we invest more in this important market,” said Travis SquadronVice President of Business Development at Surfside.

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