Streamlined nanoparticle production for optimized drug delivery


Dr. Julia Rashba-Step, Vice President of R&D and Alliance Management at Phosphorex, said: “We support our customers in the development of nanomedicines by creating new nanoparticles tailored to the needs of each project. Customers contact us at different stages of product development; some may need help in the early discovery phase while others already have a working formulation they want to scale. We focus on process optimization, studying different microfluidic parameters to achieve the ideal particle size, shape and structure, as well as improving drug targeting and encapsulation. The processes we design need to be robust and scalable, so we spent a lot of time researching the optimal microfluidic system, choosing the ANP system from Particle Works.

Julia continued, “The ANP system allows us to very quickly screen multiple formulations to achieve target particle size and distribution; it is stable and provides high consistency and reproducibility. The technology is easy to use and we are so pleased with the system that we have decided to act as a demonstration lab for Particle Works, providing training and technical support to help customers advance their nanoparticle programs from proof from concept to clinical development stage. The Particle Works team is always listening to us and working tirelessly to deliver what we need. We love working with them.


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