Six magazine categories see readership increase over 2021 numbers: Roy Morgan


52.1% of Australians aged 14 and over (11 million) read print magazines today, down 0.9% from a year ago, according to results released today from the Roy report Morgan Australian Readership for the 12 months to June 2022.

This market widens to 14.7 million Australians aged 14 and over (69.5%) who read magazines in print or online via the web or app, a slight decrease of 3.1% from compared to a year ago. These are the latest results from the Roy Morgan Single Source survey of 65,321 Australians aged 14 and over in the 12 months to June 2022.

Print readership increased for six magazine categories from a year ago, including health and family, food and entertainment, women’s lifestyle and automotive

There has been an increase in print readership for six of the 17 magazine categories over the past year despite the easing of restrictions allowing Australians to spend their money more widely so far in 2022.


Print readership of Health & Family magazines, the fifth most-read magazine category, increased 23.6% to 1,180,000 and the most-read Food & Entertainment category increased slightly to a readership of over 7,134,000.

General interest magazines had a print readership of 4,022,000, making them the second most read magazine category ahead of Home & Garden, read by 3,667,000 and Mass Women’s read by 2,642,000.

Nearly half of the top 10 most-read magazines increased their print readership over the past year, and eight of the top 25.

Better Homes & Gardens is Australia’s most widely read paid magazine with a print readership of 1,574,000 ahead of the Australian Women’s Weekly with a print readership of 1,202,000. Better Homes & Gardens and Australian Women’s Weekly are the only two paid magazines with a readership over 1 million.

Additionally, National Geographic has an impressive 818,000 print readership, making it Australia’s third most widely read paid magazine, just ahead of magazine, up 23.3% to 810,000. ahead of Women’s Day with a print readership of 727,000.

Australia’s two most widely read free magazines are Coles magazine with a print readership of 4,829,000, just ahead of Fresh Ideas (from Woolworths) with a readership of 4,725,000, up 2.8%.

Bunnings magazine is the third most widely read free magazine with a print readership of 1,516,000.

Other magazines that have increased their print readership over the past year include Vogue Australia, up 0.3% to 352,000 and big gains for Street Machine, up 39.5% to 307,000 and Men’s Health, up 21.6% to 293,000. Qantas Magazine, which has now returned to “in-flight” distribution with the resumption of domestic air travel, recorded a print readership of 334,000 during this period.

The five most-read magazine categories by print readership

  • Food and entertainment (7,134,000 Australians, 33.7% of the population);
  • General interest (4,022,000 Australians, 19.0% of the population);
  • Home & Garden (3,667,000 Australians, 17.3% of the population);
  • Mass Women’s (2,642,000 Australians, 12.5% ​​of the population);
  • Health and family (1,180,000 Australians, 5.6% of the population).

Food and entertainment magazines are number one with a total readership of over 7.1 million print readers

Food & Entertainment is again Australia’s best performing magazine category and is now read by 7,134,000 Australians, or 33.7% of the population, more than 3 million ahead of any other category. A majority of six of the 11 titles in this category increased their print readership a year ago.

Print readership of general interest magazines remains at over 4 million

4,022,000 Australians, or 19% of the population, read at least one of the generalist magazines. Of the 15 magazines in the category, 8 increased their print readership compared to a year ago, while only five decreased.

National Geographic was the category’s most widely read paid magazine with a print readership of 818,000.

Home & Garden magazines take a clear third place read by over 3.6 million Australians

Home & Garden magazines are now read by 3,667,000 Australians, or more than one in six Australians.

Australia’s most widely read paid magazine is again Better Homes & Gardens (BH&G) with a print readership of 1,574,000, more than 300,000 more than any other paid magazine.

Mass women’s magazines are read by over 2.6 million Australian women in 2022

Mass Women’s magazines are now read by 2,642,000 Australian women, or 12.5% ​​of the population, and include five magazines read by over 500,000 people, more than any other category.

A majority of health and family magazines increase their print readership compared to a year ago

Overall, print readership of Health & Family magazines increased by 23.6% to 1,180,000 (5.6% of the population).

Four of the category’s five ongoing magazines saw increases in print readership over the past year, led by Wellbeing, up 56.9% to 160,000 readers.

Michele Levine, CEO of Roy Morgan, said: “The latest Roy Morgan readership survey shows that 14.7 million Australians now read magazines, whether in print or online, while the print readership -even was little changed from a year ago at 11 million.

“There were strong performances in several magazine categories, with more than a third increasing their print readership compared to a year ago. Among those that increased their print readership were Health & Family magazines, up 23.6% to 1,180,000, Motoring magazines up 10.6% to 907,000 and the most widely read category of all, Food & Entertainment, up marginally with a readership of 7,134,000. In addition to major categories, there were also increases for categories such as Women’s Lifestyle, Motorcycle and Craft magazines.

“The impacts of COVID-19 in 2022 are still being felt and this includes how behavior changes and varies depending on whether or not we encounter a surge of cases that forces many Australians to work from home rather than to the office. .


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