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Know your spectrum, experts say

The electromagnetic spectrum could prove decisive in future conflicts.

DISA Prioritizes Secret Network for Zero Trust

Recent lessons learned from the Defense Information Systems Agency's Thunderdome program include the need to move faster to implement zero trust on the Department of Defense's classified network known as SIPRNet.

The Defense Information Systems Agency may need to implement its zero-trust solution known as Thunderdome on its classified networks faster than expected.

DISA’s dream list of digital solutions

Lt. Gen. Robert Skinner, Director of DISA, USAF, addresses the audience at TechNet Cyber ​​2022.  Photo by Michael Carpenter

The agency’s director unveils a framework of capabilities needed to support the combatant.

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Accelerate your technology goals with WWT’s Advanced Technology Center

World Wide Technology’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is an immersive learning platform developed to help government agencies discover, design and deploy the latest and most innovative technology solutions on the market. ATC provides a physical and virtual collaborative ecosystem of innovation, research, community, labs, and thought leadership that propels users to the forefront of technology to deliver critical results.

At the heart of ATC are WWT’s data centers, which house more than 350 racks of equipment used to reduce technology evaluation time from months to weeks or even days.

By leveraging ATC, users can:

  • Compare solutions
  • Upgrade/migrate existing technology
  • Validate the architecture
  • Measure performance
  • Test functionality

To learn more, join the community and discuss

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DISA is all about data centrality

Caroline Kuharske, recently appointed Acting Chief Data Officer of DISA, discusses the five "untapped efficiencies" that DISA should use for an effective information environment during the AFCEA International webinar on April 13.

DISA plans to leverage performance data to improve user experience.

Innovation Accelerates Military Readiness

To meet the needs of its mission partners, the Defense Information Systems Agency facilitates access to a wealth of technical capabilities that prepare U.S. Department of Defense personnel to meet current and future challenges.  Credit: Graphic Illustration by USAF/Quinn Jacobson

DISA offers the industry many opportunities for collaboration and business opportunities.

Unifying modern technology with data and computing

To meet growing demand from combatants facing adversaries close to their peers, the Defense Information Systems Agency's Hosting and Computing Center is updating its resources in the Indo-Pacific region.  ADSA

DISA’s new Hosting and Computing Center strives to advance innovation and deliver modern “products” to warfighters.

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