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Many of us can’t imagine a day without music. Whether we want to relax after a long day at work or lift our spirits in the morning, music is often our best companion. Yet, far from being just a pleasant pastime, music can help improve our cognitive abilities. Loose to research shows that musical training can boost our verbal memory and reading and writing skills. Luckily, there are a plethora of remote resources out there to learn music on your own without spending a fortune. Here we look at the best.

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Featuring the world’s largest collection of video lessons, Udemy is an unbeatable platform to learn music on your own in 2022. From mixing for music producers to electric guitar lessons to singing techniques elite, you name it! The abundance of courses is staggering. Each course has a unique rate that gives you unlimited access for the duration of the course.

lesson face

Lessonface provides you with a list of top notch music instructors willing to give you private lessons online. You can search in different ways, including by instrument, price, and availability. It’s as simple as that: enter your study goals, ability level, and preferred class times to request a teacher match. You can try any instructor before committing to scheduling a lesson.

Lessonface has an impressive array of instruments to choose from, even including a dulcimer and didgeridoo! Yes, we too have not heard of them before. Plus, high school students preparing for college can study with Juilliard-trained teachers who know their stuff inside and out. Just like opting for free college essay examples is your best bet to improve your writing skills before exams, Lessonface is one of the best remote resources to learn music in 2022. The cost can sometimes be high, but you can also opt for group lessons at a cost considerably lower.


Mimi Zweig, violin professor at Indiana University’s prestigious Jacob School of Music, has compiled a wealth of free resources for anyone interested in learning the violin, viola, or cello. You’ll find 6 hours of video lessons, downloadable PDFs, and even a violin string clinic to make learning the instrument easy. Mimi and her colleagues are continually delivering new content for instructors and students.


ArtistWorks offers high-quality, on-demand music theory and performance video tutorials that can turn any hobbyist into a music professional in no time. Long-term subscribers get access to exclusive content, including instrumental recordings. One of the eminent instructors is Richard Amoroso, violinist of the Philadelphia Orchestra, as well as the famous cellist Mike Block.

The ArtistWorks course structure is well-designed and efficient, helping you gain world-class musical knowledge for a one-of-a-kind course musical career. You’ll receive top-notch distance learning on every musical instrument you might be interested in, from guitar to piano, banjo to ukulele and beyond.


Wondrium has been dubbed the “Netflix of learning” due to its comprehensive and educational nature as an online learning platform. It offers an overwhelming number of college-level courses, all presented in small video and audio segments. Wondrium’s music options are geared towards novices looking to deepen their appreciation and knowledge of music.


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are the result of a group effort coordinated by the best universities in the world. With thousands of students enrolled in the same online courses, this distance learning phenomenon is truly massive. You can take advantage of the MOOC’s vast database and resources to study a wide range of subjects, including music. And the best part is that all courses are totally free! They are available in digital form and accessible from any device. Almost every respectable academic institution has already joined, including Berklee College of Music and the California Institute of Arts.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned veteran, the MOOC can help you deepen your mastery of any form of music, from classical to hip-hop to electronica.

Linkedin learning

With LinkedIn Learning, you can reap the benefits of instructor-led learning while gaining the skills to advance your music career. The platform covers a wide range of topics, including instructional videos for various musical instruments as varied as guitar, ukulele, banjo, piano, bass, drums, and more.


Music improves our lives. It can lift our spirits in the most painful moments, inspire us to pursue our dreams, improve our cognitive abilities, etc. In 2022, there are a plethora of tools available to anyone wishing to learn music. Be sure to always keep in mind our list of remote resources for learning music to improve your quality of life and kick-start your music career.


Christian Duke is a guitar teacher and blogger. He treasures his time with high school students, helping them reap the immense benefits of practicing music to become the best versions of themselves. In his spare time, Christian writes educational blog posts on topics as varied as education, arts, technology, and more.


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