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Looking for tech news in China? There is no doubt that China is a power in the world of technology. Along with companies like Alibaba and Tencent, Chinese tech companies are rapidly gaining ground over their American counterparts. But what about the news? Which posts cover tech news in China and how do they differ from posts in English? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular tech publications in China and see how they stack up against English-language sources.

Overview of tech news in China

Of course, there aren’t just a few China and Chinese-language news publishers, but here are some sites you can check out first.


One of the most popular technology publications in China is TechNode. Founded in 2010, TechNode covers a wide range of topics related to technology and startups in China. In addition to news articles, they also publish opinion pieces, event listings, and job postings. Although the site is primarily aimed at Chinese readers, it also offers an English section with news articles translated from Chinese.


Another popular tech post in China is 36kr. Founded in 2006, 36kr focuses on startups and technology investments. They also have an English website, called Oasis by KrASIA, which includes a selection of articles translated from Chinese. In addition to news articles, they also publish research reports, analyzes and interviews.


If you are looking for China technology news published in English, one option is Pandaily. Founded in 2016, Pandaily covers a wide range of topics related to Chinese technology and business. In addition to news articles, they also publish opinion pieces, reports and interviews.


Finally, for a more general overview of technology news in China, you can consult the English language website of Caixin Global. Caixin is one of the leading financial media companies in China, and its website includes a technology section with news articles, features, and analysis.

South China Morning Post

For a different perspective on China tech reports, you can also read the South China Morning Post. The SCMP is a Hong Kong-based English-language newspaper covering news from across Asia. Although they don’t just focus on technology, their cover of Chinese technology companies is comprehensive and well documented.


And if you want to see how state-run media covers tech news in China, you can watch or read CCTV. CCTV is a Chinese government-owned television network, and its website includes a section on technology with press articles and videos. CCTV coverage of the tech industry is generally positive and often features stories about Chinese companies expanding internationally.


Xinhua is another state-run media that covers tech news in China. Xinhua is a Chinese government-owned news agency, and its website includes a technology section with news articles, reports, and videos. Xinhua covers a wide range of technological and scientific subjects, from the latest gadgets to Chinese startups. The site also has an English version, so non-Chinese can keep up to date with tech news from China.

So this is it ! These are just a few of the many publications that cover tech news in China. Whether you’re looking for sources in Chinese or English, there’s plenty of information to help you stay up to date on all things tech in China. At TechAcute, we also translate our content into Chinese and many other languages, but if you want the news straight from local publishers, you should try these websites for China tech news.

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