PPL Electric Utilities Wins POWER Magazine’s 2022 Smart Grid Award


Pennsylvania A public service rewarded for its innovation in the operation of the electricity network

ALLENTOWN, Pa., August 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PPL Electric Utilities is proud to announce that it has been named the winner of POWER Magazine’s 2022 Smart Grid Award for its work creating and deploying an innovative, automated, self-healing grid that improves the overall reliability and reduced breakdowns.

“Our revolutionary use of technology has allowed us to lead the way for the benefit of our customers,” said the president of PPL Electric Utilities. Stephane Raymond. “The smart grid has been a great tool to help keep the lights on for our customers. It makes our grid more reliable and it’s a major enabler in building the utility of the future, today.”

Knowing that the energy landscape was beginning to change, PPL Electric began implementing various innovations on its power grid over the past decade with the goal of improving the security and reliability of its power distribution system. Through a partnership with GE Digital, PPL Electric has been able to apply GE’s Advanced Distribution Management Solution (ADMS) software across its entire electrical network.

The new ADMS system also included a technology called Fault Isolation Service Restoration (FISR) which was achieved by deploying state-of-the-art sensors and switches in the network that segment customers into smaller spans. In the event of an outage, FISR detects the problem and automatically redirects power around the problem point to restore most customers in seconds, keeping the outage contained without any human intervention and often without the customer even noticing.

PPL Electric was the first utility to centrally install FISR across its entire service territory to automate restores. This network of smart devices, together with GE’s advanced software system, has helped PPL Electric create a self-healing autonomous network. In fact, since 2015, PPL Electric’s smart grid has helped prevent more than 1.4 million customer outages. And, in 2021 alone, customers experienced 34% fewer outages compared to the average of the previous five years.

The smart grid also improves data and analytics to boost reliability. This data helps PPL Electric make more informed decisions regarding both maintenance and investment. The smart grid can also identify problems, allowing teams to be dispatched to a specific location, saving time and money. Other benefits include a Distributed Energy Resource (DER) management system that manages bi-directional energy flow and advanced meters that allow customers to see usage.

Using cutting-edge technology and innovation, PPL Electric has created a smart grid that is probably unrecognizable to utility workers of generations past. The smart grid, combined with other groundbreaking advancements, is helping PPL Electric continue to build the utility of the future, today. For more information on what PPL Electric is doing to innovate and improve grid reliability, visit pplelectric.com/reliability.

The POWER Smart Grid Award has been awarded since 2011 and recognizes outstanding smart grid projects, worldwide, that demonstrate the benefits of new data-rich technologies for power producers, utilities and customers. For more information on the award, as well as previous winners, visit powermag.com/power-awards.

PPL Electric Utilities provides safe, reliable and affordable electricity to over 1.4 million homes and businesses in the East and Central Pennsylvania. It consistently ranks among the nation’s top utility companies for reliability and customer satisfaction. PPL Electric Utilities is a major employer and active supporter of the communities it serves. It is part of the PPL Corporation (NYSE:PPL) family of companies. Visit pplelectric.com or connect on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for energy efficiency tips, billing help information, tips on buying an electric provider, storm updates and more.

POWER has been known as a magazine for many years, but has evolved into a trusted brand that includes publications, trade events and conferences, and electronic media. In all of its formats, POWER provides important business operations, legal and regulatory news, and operations and maintenance information for the energy industry. With POWER, industry professionals learn about best practices, security issues, improving productivity, and more. To learn more about POWER, visit their website at powermag.com.

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