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the Balance The brand is telling bladder leaks to “bounce back” with its new Poise Ultra Thin Pads with Wings pads, available at major retailers and online. Poise’s thinnest pads, now with an option for stay-in-place wings, guarantee up to 100% clean, dry and cool protection against bladder leaks. To introduce the new product and help the 84% of moms plan more fun this summer, Poise is hosting a Bounce House Tour in partnership with Big Bounce America. Knowing that bouncing and other activities can worry one in three women who suffer from bladder leaks, the new Poise Ultra Thin pads with wings give women the confidence to pursue summer fun.

Poise is encouraging women to experience the new protection of Poise Ultra Thin pads with wings at the world’s largest bouncy house, with activations beginning in May in New York, Minneapolis, Detroit and Chicago. The data shows:

  • Mothers who have leaked urine are more likely to avoid jumping (49%) or amusement park and carnival rides (36%).
  • Two-fifths (44%) of mothers who had bladder leakage had to skip or leave an event due to fears of bladder leakage, leading to ‘mother guilt’.
  • Most mothers who leak bladder (69%) still use sanitary napkins, which do not protect against bladder leakage. Period pads are designed for slow menstrual flows, while leak-proof pads are designed for drips, bursts, and pee spurts.

Now moms and wives can have less worry and more fun with new Poise Ultra Thin pads with wings that wick away moisture and odor for all-day protection, helping to keep women 10x drier against nasties. urinary leakage than the main menstrual pad.

“Nearly half of all moms feel pressured not to have fun with family and friends because of bladder leaks. Poise thinks this is unacceptable and has a product that empowers all women to be themselves,” says Poise Senior Brand Paige Chapman. manager. “That’s why, after the past two years, we urge women to step out and actively seek out summer fun, knowing they have the new protection of Poise Ultra Thin Pads with Wings.”

Dedicated to breaking the stigma surrounding women’s health, Poise also partners with Jade Roper and Carly Waddell, co-hosts of the “Mommies Tell All” podcast, to learn about bladder leaks. Throughout the summer, influencers Jade, Carly and Moms will be having honest conversations with all women about bladder leaks and how to overcome them.

“Carly and I started our ‘Mommies Tell All’ podcast to bring all the topics of mom life to the table, so no woman feels alone, and part of that conversation includes bladder leakage,” explains Jade Roper, partner of Poise. “We’re all struggling behind the scenes, which is why it’s so important that Poise® helps break down stigma and encourages dialogue around real, everyday motherhood experiences like bladder leakage.”


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