PJ Productionz Takes Over California


Q.) What is your name/stage name?

A.) PJ Productionz

Q.) Where are you from?

A.) Tracy, California

Q.) What do you do?

A.) I am a music producer and DJ

Q.) How long have you been making music?

A.) I started since I was 19, so for about 3 years I continue

Q.) Why do you make music?

A.) God because he gave me a very beautiful gift to share with the world

Q.) What motivates you?

A.) make music every day

Q.) Who is your biggest inspiration?

To my father

Q.) What kind of music do you create?

A.) hip hop, pop, Rnb, christian hip hop, afro beats and urban latin

Q.) What was it like working with (collaborations?)

A.) It was great fun, we had nothing but positive energy with each other and I want to continue with future collaborations, even with great artists

Q.) What are some features you have?

A.) so far I have mc Redwolf, jamc & Amadeus! They are also upcoming artists with more to come soon

Q.) What features do you want?

A.) Up and coming artist and great artist who has been in the industry for a while

Q.) Who is the person, dead or alive, that you would like to work with?

a.) 2pac

Q.) Are you signed to a label?

A.) no

Q.) Do you want a record deal, distribution deal, or none?

A.) a distribution agreement

Q.) Who are your biggest supporters?

A.) my family, friends, teachers and pastors

Q.) Where does your name come from?

A.) so I was named after my dad his name is Purcell Sr and my name is Purcell Jr so everything I did was shortened to PJ then I added Productionz after that because I feel like it represents me

Q.) What are you currently working on?

A.) right now I’m working on a mixtape that will be released soon

Q.) What is your latest release?

A.) ride me by Jamc

Q.) When is your next release?

A.) don’t know yet







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