Pete Davidson signs advertising deal with Manscaped


Just a few months after ending things with Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson has already entered into a new relationship. Don’t get excited, Ye — he’s still with Kim Kardashian (or at least her new “jasmine ∞ aladdin” tattoo honoring their first kiss seems to suggest). But Davidson has a new Company partner. According to Adweek, the comedian has signed a trademark four-year contract with Manscaped. In his first advertisement for the company, he states that he is “the new face, among other things”, of the lifestyle and grooming brand. The video shows him brandishing a razor while dressed in an open robe, making jokes like “Let’s show them how bald we can be, boys.” As we now know from the season two trailer of The Kardashians, Davidson will literally drop everything for the chance to take a shower with his girlfriend. So maybe it makes sense that he suddenly decided to become a hygiene spokesperson? Davidson has previously appeared in ads for H&M, Hellmann’s and Smartwater, but this multi-year partnership appears to be his biggest milestone in brand deals so far. Hey, he has to keep up with the Kardashians somehow. We’re sure Kris Jenner is proud.


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