Online posts, here’s what you can do to get those subscribers

More digital publications have begun to rely on subscriptions and memberships to generate revenue.

Indeed, more and more people seek their information from online sources and brands are using Google and social media platforms to advertise online instead of these publications. However, acquiring followers is not a simple task for these platforms.

Online publications unfortunately have to meet the challenge of readers simply not wanting to pay for online news. This is because readers:

  • believe they can find news for free on other news sites
  • weren’t tempted enough by their free trial
  • don’t want to be limited to one post
  • are unwilling to commit to long-term payment
  • thinks subscriptions are not affordable, and
  • want to After of their subscriptions than what is offered.

So how do you approach all of this and persuade readers to hit the “subscribe” button?

media update Lara Smit gives you all the advice to encourage them to register here.

Let’s increase reader revenue:

1. Give them what they want

One of the best ways for a publication to ensure that it gets subscriptions is to provide readers with content that they want to to subscribe to.

Although the content you create may be of high quality, it may not appeal to the needs of your readers. This is why it is essential that publications know what their readers want and like a publication.

But how do they do this?

One of the best ways to get to know your audience is to use media monitoring tools to understand what content people gravitate towards and what they say about it.

It’s also essential to keep tabs on the engagement you receive on your website – such as shares, reads and comments – by using a analysis tool.

By tracking these types of conversations and engagement, you’re able to paint a portrait of your readers that gives you an idea of ​​who they are and what they like.

From there, you need to create stories that match your reader’s interests and values, as well as weed out stories that don’t match. This way readers will feel like their needs will be met by subscribing to your content.

Addressing the type of information your audience wants with your content will also make them feel like your content is making an essential contribution to their daily lives. Therefore, they will see it as a need to subscribe to your platform.

Publications can go further by offering personalized subscriptions. This way, your readers can filter and refine the content they receive themselves, ensuring that their exact needs will be met.

2. Create a strong brand

A important reason why many readers subscribe to a particular platform because they know they won’t be able to receive the same type of content from another platform. Therefore, it is essential for any online platform to focus on what sets it apart from its competitors.

Whether it’s your voice, your pace, your ideas on topics, or the analysis of topics and events, understanding what your brand is and how you can grow it further is key to attracting the right people to subscribe.

Take the FinancialTimes, for example. This newspaper has built a strong brand image as one of the leading financial newspapers by reporting economic and business news. By keeping these rhythms, readers know exactly what they subscribe to when they subscribe to this publication.

In addition, this newspaper has created a brand that is considered impartial and trustworthy thanks to its neutral and factual reporting. Therefore, those who work in the financial and commercial sector will be more willing to subscribe to it.

The proof is in the pudding, as this platform boasts one million paid online subscribers. Wow.

Moreover, once you to know exactly what is your brand, you can to tell about potential subscribers precisely what you have to offer them. This will help you better position your marketing and help you better inform your readers about how important a subscription to your publication might be to them.

3. Make them an offer can not to refuse

All the subscriber is looking for a good deal when registering on a platform. Ultimately, readers who pay for a subscription have a lot to do with them earning something and having a better user experience than people who aren’t subscribed to your platform.

So how can you make sure subscribers get the more out of their money?

Make their subscription advantageous by:

  • giving them a better reading experience and removing ads from the content they read
  • create convenience by tailoring their content to their needs
  • make them feel elite by giving them members-only access to high-quality content
  • create bundles that allow them to get more for their money
  • offering family discounts, and
  • by offering them vouchers, products, invitations and tickets.

Offering these types of benefits will make your subscriptions more attractive to readers because you will have more to offer them and it will persuade them to choose you over your competitors.

Finally, by spoiling your subscribers you will guarantee their satisfaction, which will make them more inclined to tell their friends about your publication and encourage them to renew their subscription.

What do you think online publications can do to get more subscriptions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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