New Herald on Sunday: A vertical masthead, a new Reset magazine


The new Herald on Sunday look is bigger, brighter and better than ever.

We’ve all dreamed of it, often on a Sunday morning, when we learn that a lucky bettor has become rich with millions of dollars. What would we do if we won the lottery?

The tale of exhilaration of former truck driver and new millionaire Mark Lipsham, followed by despair and finally hope, is a gripping read over coffee, cafe brunch or in bed before start your day.

And it’s the perfect story to launch our new post-pandemic paper with.

As well as weekend getaway stories like Lipsham’s, we have new columnists and strengthened sports, business and entertainment sections.

Our first cover girl, Parris Goebel.  Designed by Jennifer Adams.
Our first cover girl, Parris Goebel. Designed by Jennifer Adams.

Also launching today is Reset, a brand new lifestyle magazine filled with secrets, connections, celebrities, recipes, home, wellness, advice, fashion, beauty, travel and riddles.

And what better day to launch, after last night’s Voyager Media Awards where the Herald reigned supreme, winning both marquee digital awards – Website of the Year and News App of the Year – as well as a multitude of individual and team winners.

The Weekend Herald was named weekly newspaper of the year and Canvas magazine was voted best news magazine.

The Herald on Sunday is New Zealand’s most widely read Sunday newspaper – with more readership than our two competitors combined – but we are always looking for ways to bring more to our loyal readership and adapt to the times. .

Rod Emmerson's point of view.
Rod Emmerson’s point of view.

We will of course continue to do what we do best; Break the big stories, cover live news events – both at home and abroad – profile journalists and keep up to date with the latest trends.

The first thing you’ll notice is the vertical masthead on the front page – a bold statement for a bold article.

We’re the youngest in the Herald stable – just 18 compared to the main brand’s almost 159 – so we can afford to push the envelope a bit.

As well as David Fisher’s account of Lipsham’s exceptional misfortunes, our other talented journalists share the stories you need to know – the 100 mph ride of the All Blacks, the elite golf resort attracting the world’s wealthiest and immigration changes that will allow more workers in preparation for the summer.

Among our diverse group of new columnists, Pasifika law student Shaneel Lal, who was instrumental in New Zealand’s ban on conversion therapy, shares his thoughts on the hypocritical Manly Sea Eagles players in the Pride jersey fiasco.

Alice Soper, an outspoken advocate for women’s rugby, joins as a columnist as we double the size of our sports section to bring you game analysis, in-depth features and opinion. Her insightful column explains why our female athletes are not damsels in distress in need of protection from transgender adversaries.

Shaneel Lal and Alice Soper.
Shaneel Lal and Alice Soper.

Existing columnists Hayden Munro, Paula Bennett and Heather Du Plessis-Allan.
Existing columnists Hayden Munro, Paula Bennett and Heather Du Plessis-Allan.

And your favorite columnists return, including top host Heather du Plessis-Allen, former Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett and Herald editor Liam Dann.

Our new Money section kicks off with a supermarket power list by our premium business leader Duncan Bridgeman, and Diana Clement’s new Consumer Watch column as the cost of living crisis continues to bite.

Our new Spy section with man of the town Ricardo Simich this week shares some of the gossip behind his biggest stories and you’ll spot the return of Party People where you’ll get a glimpse of the country’s most exclusive events.

Meanwhile, Reset’s first cover girl is dance superstar Parris Goebel, who embodies the new magazine’s look and feel: provocative and boundary-pushing.

The Herald on Sundays over the years.
The Herald on Sundays over the years.

There’s also a working mother’s guilt, a dumpster diver’s secrets, a one-night stand that led to a wedding, a Masterchef cooking lunch, and a chance to win a winter getaway. .

This magazine satisfies all those desires with practical takeaways on what to cook, grow, wear and put on your face.

And all the content is relevant, inclusive and affordable. You’ve been through enough in the past two years – we don’t want you to break the bank.

You also get two magazines in one – Sunday Travel is part of Reset with its own cover and features everything from local jaunts to dreamy getaways abroad.

A newspaper is nothing without its readers, so let me know what you like and if there’s anything you’d like to see more of.

For now, sit down and start your Sunday with the Herald on Sunday

Jacqui Loates-Haver, editor of Reset magazine, and Alanah Eriksen, editor of the Herald on Sunday.
Jacqui Loates-Haver, editor of Reset magazine, and Alanah Eriksen, editor of the Herald on Sunday.

Editorial project team

Herald on Sunday Editor: Alanah Eriksen
Reset Editor: Jacqui Loates-Haver
Creative Director: Paul Slater
Lead Designer: Jennifer Adams
Production Manager: Phil Welch
Acting Reset Editor: Kim Knight


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