Modern Material Handling magazine June 2022 issue

In this problem:
  • AEO embraces flourishing at the periphery
  • Overview: Real Benefits of Simulation
  • Forklift Series: Forklift Safety
  • Equipment Report: Pallets move the supply chain forward
  • Information management: automated palletizing


By June 13, 2022

AEO is taking a new approach to fulfillment, especially electronic fulfillment, inside and outside the four walls of its fulfillment centers. The emphasis is on speed.

By June 10, 2022

From these sessions, you’ll see that operations of all sizes can adopt any technology needed, allowing you to reimagine your processes and embrace the changes needed to orchestrate an end-to-end digital supply chain.

By June 9, 2022

Computer-based maintenance management software is tough to fight with continuous pressure on material handling equipment availability and performance efficiency without disruption. In fact, it can improve both maintenance and operations.

By June 8, 2022

It’s a battle out there, but new approaches are advancing to bring the best maintenance technologies to the industry.

By June 8, 2022

Warehouses and distribution centers are increasingly automated and asset-intensive operations with multiple types of automation and robotics systems that must work together to achieve throughput goals. Advice and assessments can identify likely solutions, but to get a solid prediction of what integrated systems can achieve, numerical models and simulation are widely used.

By June 7, 2022

Coming out of Covid, operational conditions are changing, but remain very challenging, with increased or unusual inventory levels, supply chain delays, increased employee turnover,

By June 7, 2022

Managing forklift safety is daunting in today’s hectic materials handling environments, but safety-related technology is advancing rapidly, with sensor-driven solutions available that promise to prevent incidents before that they do not arise.

By June 7, 2022

The demand for pallets has increased by around 25% this year. Here’s how manufacturers and users are meeting demand, meeting those needs, and finding alternatives to traditional options.

By June 7, 2022

Once considered cost prohibitive, facilities of all kinds and sizes can now find palletizing within their reach.

By June 6, 2022

Aurobindo Pharma USA implements AS/RS as the foundation for space and throughput efficiency in its New Jersey distribution center, resulting in a 450% increase in storage capacity.

By June 6, 2022

From film to human-machine interface controls and new packaging designs, stretch-wrapped loads are becoming safer and cheaper.

By June 6, 2022

Training and technology, including wearable devices that detect risky movements, can make physically demanding work safer.

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