Maersk Dyros is subject to inspections – Global Trade Magazine


The Maersk Dyros vessel which suffered loss and damage to container last month arrived at Lazaro Cardenas and is undergoing inspections.

On March 21, the 4,578 TEU container ship lost around 90 containers in the North Pacific Ocean due to harsh weather conditions.

About 100 other containers were damaged, but no crew members were injured.

In a recent customer advisory, Maersk wrote that the the ship had been diverted to Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico.

“On April 3, the vessel arrived in Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico, and vessel inspections are already underway. The ship is expected to dock on April 7,” a Danish shipping company representative told PTI.

“Once docked, the vessel will undergo further assessment and we will have more specific details of the extent of the damaged containers by the end of this week.

“Discharge operations will also begin once docked and are expected to last two weeks. The ship will also need to be assessed for any necessary repairs, which could add extra time for Lazaro Cardenas.

The vessel was en route from Yantian, China to Seattle, United States when the incident occurred.

Furthermore, recent bottlenecks in the Far East have led Maersk to change a number of its shipping schedules.

This was arguably mainly driven by the recent lockdown in Shanghai, China, which has recently been extended.

Despite the operations at The port of Shanghai remains activeMaersk-run depots and warehouses across the city remain closed.


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