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CONTRIBUTED PHOTO The Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce recently published Livability Marshalltown magazine, which aims to showcase the many amenities available in the community.

The Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce is always looking for ways to showcase all that the community has to offer, and Livability Marshalltown magazine is just the latest way the chamber is promoting it.

The magazine highlights many elements of Marshalltown, including the 13th Street District, the town’s many art installations, and the various outdoor recreation areas to explore. Chamber tourism director Andrew Potter said it was created because they needed a new visitor guide, but the idea grew from there.

“We also wanted to kind of have a guide that doubles as a community marketing guide for livability, to show Marshalltown not just as a place to visit, but as a place to live, and then all the amenities that it has. offer,” Potter said.

To create the magazine, the chamber partnered with Livability Media, a company that specializes in creating community marketing content. In addition to providing an overview of Marshalltown’s recreational layout, Livability magazine provides details on the cost of living as well as educational opportunities and health care options.

Hard copies of the magazine are available along with digital copies, which Potter says would give it a wider reach and make it even more useful for reaching people outside the community, particularly because a link to the magazine is available on the Livability Media website.

Many different communities have livability magazines that feature local amenities, and all of these guides are on their website. So when people browse the page, Livability Marshalltown might pique their interest.

Potter said hard copies of the magazine would be useful to distribute to visiting conferences and conventions, and having them available at the library, hotels and other public places will raise awareness of the many activities and accommodations to be found within the community.

“People who visit the town can experience what Marshalltown has to offer and then residents can take pride in what’s here and help spread the positive messages about Marshalltown,” Potter said.

Potter said the chamber aims to use tools like Livability Marshalltown magazine and the “This is Marshalltown” promotional video, released earlier this summer, as a way to show community members and visitors that Marshalltown has a lot to offer. to offer.

“In any community you’ve lived in, there are always critics. Well, we kind of want to drown them out. We want people to know what Marshalltown is really about and know that it’s a great place to live and raise a family,” Potter said. “That’s why it’s pretty important to spread the word about what Marshalltown has to offer. So many people seem like, you know, if they’re from the community, it’s only natural that they’ll say “Oh, there’s nothing to do here”, but we want to show that, hey, there are trails, hey, lots of great facilities for sporting events. Marshalltown has a lot to offer.

Residents have the power to be Marshalltown’s greatest cheerleaders, in Potter’s opinion, and showing community members what’s available to them is one of the best ways to ensure that people see it. Potter also felt that the storytelling aspect of the magazine was a definite plus, as readers had the opportunity to read about people who actually live in the community and have had good experiences.

In addition to this year’s Livability Marshalltown magazine, Potter said there will be two more magazines published in the next two years to keep up with the ever-growing community.

Hard copies of the magazine are available at the chamber office, located at 1011 S. 3rd Ave., and a digital copy can be found at IwAR2e9an7bkXtSC0cN4wkm5NatZ8iYV16rkiTvqxo3Ny7n -wQ0otha9F6cc0.


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