Jordan Peele and Weird Al join MAD magazine for its 70th anniversary


The publication of irreverent humor CRAZY Magazine reaches a milestone and to celebrate the occasion, he calls upon powerful talents such as Jordan Pele and “Weird Al”Yankovic. MAD turns 70, and a special new release promises to be an assortment of laughs and self-reflection.

CRAZY Magazine began decades ago in the early 1950s and was created by cartoonist and editor Harvey Kurtzman with editor William Gaines. The magazine was known for its quirky and humorous content consisting of parodies of pop culture and politics, satirical articles and comic strips. Whereas CRAZY Magazine providing counterculture entertainment for years, the publication cut back on new content beginning in 2018, and new issues began to feature more reprinted material. However, year-end specials and the like distributed by MAD still largely consist of new material created specifically for the bigger issues.


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So for their 70th anniversary release, MAD indeed offers its fans brand new content in honor of their golden age. MAD details announced for the next CRAZY Magazine #28alias the MAD special anniversary issue. As always, the majority of the material in the book comes from the “Usual Gang of Idiots”, but for their anniversary, CRAZY Magazine adds considerable star power to their gang. In addition to the classic material, a new original from comedic parody artist Weird Al celebrates “longtime MAD contributor and creator of the MAD Fold-In Al Jaffee, with artwork by Ed Steckley“. Comedian and director Jordan Peele also pays tribute to MAD Magazine, which will feature the parody cover of MAD recently seen in his feature film. Nope. MAD regulars such as Johnny Sampson, Sergio Aragonés and Dick DeBartolo will also have contributions for the memorable celebration of crazypeople the story.

Although the cover humorously promises “70% new material“, it’s pretty good for CRAZY Magazine Nowadays. After the acquisition of Time Warner by AT&T, MAD was the victim of layoffs and restructuring and even had to stop its distribution on newsstands. They also had to stop pumping out new material at their previous pace, with new books consisting of almost nothing but reprints. Needless to say, these few years have been tragic for the company so associated with humor.

But even MAD would be crazy to pass up the opportunity to celebrate a seven-decade anniversary. Not all publications have reached fifty, let alone seventy. In a world where readership is beginning to skew digital, CRAZY Magazine deserves to be happy to have come this far. Even though their special is not Filled only with new material, the fact that they brought in notable comedic talent, as well as their most well-known contributors, shows just how MAD still believe in their product. Fans can’t wait to see what Jordan Pele and Weird Al bring to the post can see for themselves when crazypeople special anniversary edition on October 4, 2022.

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