Jackson Goldstone is the youngest Red Bull Hardline winner


Canadian Jackson Goldstone became the youngest Red Bull Hardline winner on Sunday. The young Syndicate rider soared down the notoriously difficult Welsh track almost seven seconds faster than his closest competitor, taking his and Canada’s first wins at the event.

Jackson Goldstone racing at the Red Bull Hardline in Wales Photo: Samantha Saskia Dugon / Red Bull Content Pool

“I had a really good race and tied everything I wanted, with just one small mistake,” Goldstone said. “I’m so happy, but that’s not how I wanted to win. I’m really disgusted for all the boys who fell.

Bernard Kerr had a tough weekend at Hardline. Photo: Nathan Huges/Red Bull Content Pool.

Goldstone referred to the crash of, among others, three-time Red Bull Hardline winner Bernard Kerr. After a very hard crash in practice on both huge jumps, Kerr’s crash came near the start of Sunday’s race. The Pivot Factory team rider was one of many riders who fell in a wet section of Welsh woodland near the top of the course. Kerr would finish his race, but far from the best finishing times.

Instead, Joe Smith and Taylor Vernon placed second and third. Ronan Dunne, another young rider, finished on the same second (2:27) as Vernon and Smith.

Gee Atherton has made a surprise return to racing at Hardline. Photo: Dan Griffiths / Red Bull Content Pool

Gee Atherton, making a surprise return to racing after a year off with injury from a scary crash, completed the extended podium in fifth. The 2018 Red Bull Hardline winner and two-time world champion has announced he will return to racing, on the toughest course of the season, just two weeks before Sunday’s finals.

Jess Blewitt broke a collarbone but won the BF Goodrinch Rider of the Week award. Photo: Nathan Huges/Red Bull Content Pool

Jess Blewitt of New Zealand had another notable result that does not appear in the leaderboard. While a training crash that led to a broken collarbone prevented the Kiwi from starting the final, she is still the first woman to attempt the notoriously difficult Hardline course.

Vincent Turpin throwing a huge no-return suicide on the road gap at Red Bull Hardline 2022. Photo: Nathan Hughes/Red Bull Content Pool

2022 Red Bull Hardline Results

Jackson Goldstone (CAN) 2m 20.525s
Joe Smith (GBR) 2m 27.043s
Taylor Vernon (GBR) 2m 27.084s
Ronan Dunne (IRL) 2m 27.273s
Gee Atherton (GBR) 2m 28.356s
Sam Gale (GBR) 2m 28.902s
Jim Monro (GBR) 2m 28.930s
Harry Molloy (GBR) 2m 31.714s
Thibault Laly (FRA) 2m 31.767s
Florent Payet (FRA) 2m 37.436s


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