Interview with independent artist Jacuh


What is your name/stage name? My name is Jacuh!

Where do you come from? a small town in upstate New York named Homer!

What are you doing? I put my life in my words and I share it with the world.

How long have you been making music? I’ve been writing for 6 years, recording and publishing for 5 years.

What was your first song/project? it was actually an apology song for my 2 online buddies who i’m still really close with today – i remixed “44 Bars” by Logic and wrote a whole body without even knowing what I did. I was too scared to show it to them.

Who is your inspiration? When I discovered Witt Lowry in December 2016, my life changed.

What features do you have? literally only my homies. I don’t care if I work with anyone to impress anyone, I make music to feel things.

Who is the person, dead or alive, with whom you would like to work? Witt Lowry. I used to see this man as God.

Are you signed to a label? NOPE ! PROUDLY INDEPENDENT

Do you want a record deal, a distribution deal, or none? nothing. but if needs and wants were to align, things could change.

Who are your biggest supporters? my mother and my partner Mick. they go hard.

What are you currently working on? Right now I have projects I’m working on where I’m screaming like crazy and I have projects I’m working on where I’m whining like a little bitch. I never know.

What is your last release? an alternative pop-rap song titled “i got”

When is your next outing? very soon.

Where is there a place you want to travel to play? I want to do a show in Cali. the west coast is going hard.

What’s the biggest crowd you’ve played in front of? a crowd of about 150-200 when I opened for Lil Tjay in Syracuse, NY.

Who can we meet with on tour? my good buddy and producer, BMPN. I don’t care if I go on tour with someone just because they have weight.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? in a big house on a hill in my hometown of Homer, NY, making the music I want to make and not worrying about the end result.

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Twitter @jacuhx


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