Huckberry showcases stylish looks for the great outdoors


When it comes to menswear, companies often fall into one of two camps: smart, dapper clothes for urban professionals, or sporty, rugged clothes for adventurers. Lingonberry wanted to be somewhere in the middle. Developed by two former investment bankers who shared a common love for the outdoors, the brand was born in San Francisco in 2011 primarily as a digital marketplace that has since morphed into an engaging content creation site for a specific type of consumer: “We love the culture, creativity and lifestyle that city life offers, but we find our inspiration and what we like to do in our free time, it is mainly travel and adventure,” says Ben O’Meara, vice president of marketing.

Quietly moving its headquarters to the capital in 2020, Huckberry now sells everything from merino shirts and chukka boots to highball glasses and camping barbecues. Local brands are particularly targeted, with representation of Austin lines like Howler Brothers, Ooni and ROKA. Online, the company has its own journal with original articles and videos, and it recently launched its first show, Dirt, both on Outside TV and on the website. Anxious not to take himself too seriously, Huckberry also collaborated with Aaron Franklin for a video filmed during the Hot Luck Festival. “He’s a great welder, and he took this old vintage Schwinn bike and welded it into a chicken rotisserie smoker,” O’Meara says. After all, he notes, “Adventure is whatever you want it to be.”


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