HR Magazine – Employer podcasts preferred over company-wide emails


Podcasts could be the answer to email fatigue, as around half (47%) of employees said they would rather listen to one that received a company-wide email.

Research from podcast provider uStudio found that employees would prefer communication that can be consumed on demand, such as videos and podcasts.

The survey found that 60% of employees only skim the emails they receive from their employers, while only 35% admitted to carefully reading their emails.

Using internal podcasts would allow employees to consume important information while multitasking.

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Almost three-quarters (73%) said they would rather listen to a podcast than attend an hour-long company meeting.

Stuart Templeton, head of UK at software company Slack, said audio communication is playing a bigger role in how companies interact with employees.

Talk to HOUR magazine, he said, “In this world of working from anywhere, businesses need to take a digital approach to work in order to maintain the flexibility, inclusiveness and connection they need to succeed. It requires a seat that supports all modes of work: synchronous and asynchronous, in-person and remote, structured and informal.

“In this environment and in this next phase of work, audio has an increasingly important role to play, especially as people have sought to reduce the burden of being tied to video calls.”

A survey of 1,000 workers conducted by email app Superhuman in April 2021 showed that emails turn out to be the biggest distraction for 30% of employees, while 89% said sorting emails -mails was one of the worst parts of working remotely.

This led more than a third (38%) to say email fatigue would likely cause them to quit their job.


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