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NextPlay Technologies, Inc., a digital native ecosystem for finance, digital advertisers and video gamers, updates shareholders on the continued progress of its in-game advertising group HotPlay and game studio toward commercial launch.

Progress includes the planned commercial release of HotPlay 2.0 in 2022, which, when released, will deliver powerful new real-world advertising and rewards delivery technology to HotPlay partners and commercial customers. HotPlay 2.0 was designed to bolster its integration capabilities and deep linking support for games through a generational update to its Unity SDK for iOS, Android, Android TV, and HTML5.

NextPlay Technologies updates shareholders on its HotPlay games and in-game advertising progress

The upcoming release of HotPlay 2.0 will include online management portals for advertisers and publishers, as well as new apps for consumers and gamers, including a native HotPlay Reward Redemption mobile app for iOS and Android. HotPlay 2.0 will be rolled out initially to select partners for global launch through our Connected Ecosystem.

To showcase our HotPlay IGA technology and generate near-term revenue, our in-house game development studio recently launched a trio of new titles:

In Monster Practice!, players progress through various stages of increasing difficulty, each featuring their own “monster” opponent to defeat with a variety of throwing weapons that can be unlocked with digital coins. Every five stages, players will encounter a boss opponent to defeat. The score leaderboard and collectables, along with the unlock shop, are meant to keep players coming back for more.

In Dizzy Dots, players compete for higher scores by trying to grab the most pickups as they drop onto the game board. Special booster items add depth and ways to reach higher scores. Characters and environments can be unlocked by collecting coins.

In Skyline Stack, the game challenges players to build the tallest tower. Ranking positions, characters, and environments can be unlocked by collecting pickup items and higher scores.

These hyper-casual titles incorporate both HotPlay’s IGA commercials and IGA awards, as well as the studio’s Pecan Universal user interface. Pecan UI, a universal cross-platform user interface package, is in itself a significant achievement, delivering dramatically reduced development times for all interested third-party game developers who want to create hyper-casual games and join HotPlay’s IGA ecosystem. . Game studios simply add the Pecan UI package to their project to enable convenient custom settings to deliver a complete and consistent user experience within hours.

The Pecan UI library provides the following screens for all score-based and coin-saving hyper casual games:

  • Main Menu
  • Game settings
  • Tutorial Screens
  • Pausing the game
  • Game over
  • Animated Solo Ranking
  • IGA advertisements and awards

In-house game portfolio

The current in-house game portfolio is being integrated and made available on the goPlay publishing platform, which already has 37 hyper-casual games. These 37 games are also being integrated into IGA.

“Our recent development progress takes the HotPlay in-game advertising solution to the next business level, where it has now become easy for our business partners, advertisers, game developers and game publishers to adopt our solution. HotPlay to rapidly accelerate business activities in which we already have a pipeline of multiple telecom and entertainment platform providers with a total subscriber base of over 100 million in active chats,” commented the Co-CEO and Managing Director. from NextPlay, Nithinan ‘Jessie’ Boonyawattanapisut.

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