Hapbee Technologies deploys the Hapbee V2.0 mobile application


Hapbee Technologies (TSXV: HAPB) (OTCQB: HAPBF) today launched its updated v2.0 Hapbee mobile app and firmware operating system.

These new releases come with consumer-facing product enhancements built from market test results and feedback from its user base. They include new core features that the company will use as the foundation for its next stage of platform growth, which will focus on partnerships and integrations.

“Based on feedback from our community, it was clear what steps we needed to take in order to prepare Hapbee for long-term growth and massive customer adoption. Upgrading our user experience to make it more intuitive was key and we are delighted with the impressive growth in customer engagement on the new platform. Building an architecture that can support user-generated content, partnerships and integrations, enterprise customers, and the next generation of Hapbee-powered devices is a major breakthrough that has taken months to prepare.” , said Yona Shtern, CEO of Hapbee.

Hapbee Technologies is a digital wellbeing technology company that wants to help people gain more control over their sleep, performance, and feelings. The company’s core sleep technology involves ultra-low radio frequency energy to help potential sleepers get the sleep they need, improving productivity, recovery and downtime.

The company started distributing V2.0 to select user groups in July and finished this month through Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. The company experienced its highest level of user engagement post-launch as daily active users reached over 1,350 users per day in the first week of August, a 125% increase over its previous peak, reached in the fourth quarter of 2021.

V2.0 improvements:

Some of the enhancements include an expansion of its digital wellbeing library, including wellbeing routines, which users can use to stream mixes over time in a playlist without needing to start and stop. . These routines are separated into three wellness categories: Sleep, Perform, and Mood. Routines are programmable for an entire night, meaning there’s no need to restart or change blends manually.

Hapbee has also made some changes to the look of the product, providing better navigation options and features so users can save their favorite routines and mixes for better access. Also, improved Bluetooth functionality, including better connectivity between the app and other Hapbee-powered devices, which means less time spent pairing and more reliable use.

OS improvements in V2.0

The company also implemented upgrades to its core operating architecture and firmware to support key strategic priorities that were not possible in the previous application.

These include:

My Routines: An opportunity to customize use cases of Hapbee that others could theoretically enjoy when using the program. It includes the ability to create your own routines and provide “MyRoutine” drops created by community members for other subscribers.

Partner integrations: The use of biotracking for personalized wellness recommendations. It leverages biometric data through the use of wearables and other sleep-related technologies to better individualize sleep or performance routines and could potentially lead to collaborations with established brands.

Account management: V2.0 gives users greater flexibility in terms of creating account groups, subscription plan options, and support for enterprise customers.

Multi-device firmware: The company showed off several new sleep-focused options at the Consumer Electronic Show in January this year. A few included an updated firmware stack, needed to support the release of new hardware products for the enterprise and consumer markets.


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