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Like a good leaven.

James Brolin, father of The Amityville Horror star Josh, Barbara Streisand’s longtime husband would appear, on the outside, to have it all. Rugged beauty, financial security, Josh, Amityville, Babs but something was wrong. The 82-year-old felt his age, unhappy, grumpy. As fate would have it, one evening he was dragged to a dinner party which was also attended by the world’s greatest surfer, Laird Hamilton, and his wife Gabby Reese.

Hamilton glanced at Brolin and, according to the actor, said, “Why don’t you come to the pool and practice with us on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday?”

Well, I rode the creepy offer until one day I decided to give in to love and go jump in the pool in Hamilton.

“His chord is, ‘Oh, do you want to breathe?'” he said People Magazine. ‘”You have to get to the top.” I said, ‘But I have the weights. I can’t.’ He said, ‘Yeah, no, you have to take the weights with you.'”

“Once you get used to 10 pounds, we move you to 15 pounds. Then we move you to 20 pounds. and it’s a jumping exercise to start with. Then they make you swim along the pool with a weight.

“I started to change. Everything started to change. I just started to look better. Body, face, eyes, thinking and so proving the boring old thing that exercise really works.


Brolin later tells the magazine that he eats a whole loaf of sourdough bread once in a while, when Streisand tells him he deserves a little treat.

This track made my stomach turn for some reason. Oh, it’s not that I don’t like sourdough, just, I don’t know, a whole loaf seems overkill.

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