Flip The Script Film Festival • October 7 – 9


If you’re looking for a truly independent LGBTQ-focused film festival, Flip The Script is the place to be. The festival will take place at the Emagine Willow Creek Theaters in Plymouth from October 7-9.

Victoria Carpenter, co-founder, co-director and co-programmer of Flip The Script Film Festival explained that “[t]he festival was launched with the aim of having more opportunities to celebrate queer films first and foremost! Along with this, co-founder Mara Emmons and I wanted to remove barriers to accessing more dimensional queer representation.

Photo courtesy of Flip The Script

Matthew Berg, the festival’s co-director and co-programmer adds that the festival “is about taking up space and showcasing the queer representation of emerging filmmakers. We are interested in projecting engaging stories that feature a wide range of queer characters. »

The festival was first launched in 2020 – just as the COVID-19 pandemic gripped our country. “When we first launched,” Carpenter explained, “we still had no idea the pandemic was about to happen! We went live a few months later and celebrated a successful first year with our community. from our living rooms.

Yet the festival has created opportunities for independent LGBTQ filmmakers, while creating an impact that resonates in every corner of our community. “I would say the biggest impact on the festival from past films is the drive to schedule more,” Carpenter said. “Our audience has told us time and time again that they want more! Access to Queer stories has come a long way, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t got a long way to go! Many of our viewers aren’t “movie snobs” or people who regularly attend film festivals, so seeing queer films that live outside of mainstream tropes is a special experience. »

The criterion sought by the organizers of the festival in each film, according to Carpenter, is above all quality. “‘Quality’ is an important factor during our selection process,” Carpenter explained, “but it means a lot to me. Great cinematography? Impressive. Perfect sound quality? Fantastic! Movie with a $100 budget shot on a flip phone that has a wild plot that gave me a ride? Let’s show it! I’m proud that Matt and I try to balance our lineup with box office-worthy films as well as projects from rookie filmmakers! »

Berg also adds, “The majority of our films are submitted by emerging filmmakers who tell the stories that matter to them and that we don’t see more widely yet. Outside of submissions, we look at films from distributors which we believe fill in the missing pieces we’d like to have, but for the most part we know we can also submit a film with distribution more easily outside of the festival.

Frost of Neptune. Photo courtesy of Flip The Script

What is the program for the festival this year? “I really think all the movies and shorts we’re showing this year shouldn’t be missed!” Carpenter said. “Our Friday opening night movie, ‘Neptune Frost,’ is one of the most magical, queer movies I’ve ever seen – I highly suggest it! Another Saturday night recommendation, you can to catch Erica’s First Saint, which is a fantastically weird and wild ride of a movie. Erica herself will be at the screening and then participate in a Q&A session. Finally, on Sunday, I’d say catch our short film program, “Ooky Spooky.” There’s one of my favorite shorts this year, “Hermanos (Sibling X)” where you meet Cuco, a transgender latex pirate, born from a mysterious bird dream!”

Photo courtesy of Flip The Script

“We had some fantastic submissions for this year’s festival!” adds Berg. “Each film we have programmed has earned its place. my emptiness and me, is a touching coming-of-age drama from Adrián Silvestre, which I find very relevant for anyone working to find their place as an adult while navigating the hellish landscape of dating apps. All short film programs are all my babies and you should meet them all! Seriously, there’s something for everyone and they feature some very talented filmmakers.

In addition to the film festival, Carpenter and Berg added film programs to Emagine Willow Creek which began with a PRIDE series in June. During this month, they screened various LGBTQ-themed films, such as The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Moonlightand But I’m a cheerleader. The same series also showed last year’s Audience Choice movie, No straight lines.

ERICA’S FIRST SHIT Erica Nix. Courtesy of This is not a cult

After the festival, they will continue with a monthly film series in Willow Creek called Second Sundays. This series will begin on November 13, 2022 with plans to screen the documentary film SIRENS.

If you’re looking for a cinematic adventure in our culture and community, get your Flip The Script Festival tickets soon!

Flip The Script Film Festival
October 7-9
Emagine Willow Creek Theatres, 9900 Shellard Pkwy, Plymouth
Tickets: https://flipthescriptfest.eventive.org/welcome

Photo courtesy of Flip The Script

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