First Flaunt | Franny London “Shipwrecked boat on Quicksand Beach” — Flaunt Magazine


Lanet reflected on his collaboration with London, explaining, “The whole experience, from concept to filming to editing, was about negotiating that relationship with control. I’m used to putting a lot of intention behind every moment of my work, so letting go of the ability to control what the viewer sees at all times – an inherent quality of the 360 ​​experience – was an exciting challenge. But of course, the reality is that there are only a limited number of viewing experiences that one can create for oneself in the final product, and a limited number of ways to move through those landscapes. Californians with Franny. Anything that seems limitless is just the product of ignorance, which is what the song is about and that perfectly sums up my relationship with VR technology.

“When I started editing, the endless possibilities seemed scary to me, but as I learned more about what the medium really allowed, I realized what was true from the beginning: there are only a limited number of ways something can go.”

Check Flaunt first of the Wrecked boat on Quicksand Beach music video below! And grab tickets to see London perform its ethereal, lively tunes in person at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn on 10/26 and in Los Angeles at Zebulon on 11/17. here.


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