CREEM magazine returns to print


Magazine CREEM October 1977

The legendary Rock & Roll magazine was last published when GEORGE HW BUSH was president. from the USA is making a return, but this time as a subscription-only, premium quarterly distribution starting on SEPTEMBER 15.

The management team for the new CREEM editorial team will be FRED PESSARO who has been appointed VP/Content; DAN MORRISSEY is editor, who was most recently copy editor at ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY; MARIA SHERMAN, an author who spent time at NPR and ROLLING STONE serves as editor; DAVE CARNIE becomes editorial director; GRACE SCOTT has been named associate editor; and JAAN UHELSZKI, who returns as editor.

CREEM was originally founded in 1969 in DETROIT, where it grew from a small underground music magazine to a national source for music journalism before ending its print run 33 years ago. The new CREEM is set to continue many of its old trends, bringing back classic columns like STARS CARS with SLASH & THE WHO, as well as new faces like VIAGRA BOYS & SPECIAL INTEREST, plus a new take on the BOY HOWDY! cartoon.

Subscriptions also come with a free digital archive of every issue of CREEM’s original series from 1969 to 1989, spanning 224 issues and 69,000 photos, articles and reviews.

For an overview of the new CREEM, click here.

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