Craig Boreham’s ‘Lonesome’ secures US sale


Dark Star Pictures has acquired North American distribution rights for Craig Boreham’s queer romance drama Lonelyplanning a theatrical release in New York and Los Angeles.

This is in addition to a number of other sales made by Berlin-based sales agent M-Appeal, including in the UK/Ireland (Peccadillo Pictures), France (Optimale Distribution), multi-territorial Europe (Cinemien/OUTtv Europe ) and in Poland (Tongariro Releasing ).

Boreham’s follow-up to his debut in 2016 Teenage kicks, Lonely is the story of Casey (Josh Lavery), a country boy fleeing a scandal in a small town, who finds himself in the big smoke of Sydney. On a hookup app, his path crosses Tib (Daniel Gabriel), a young city boy, struggling with his own scars of isolation. Together, the two find something they’ve been missing but neither of them really knows how to negotiate it.

Dean Francis is both cinematographer and producer for JJ Splice Films, alongside Ulysses Oliver and Ben Ferris for Breathless Films. Boreham also serves as producer.

Lonely premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival in April and is currently screening at the Sydney Film Festival. It is also slated to play at the Guadalajara International Film Festival, the Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco and the Revelation International Film Festival in Perth.

Dark Star Pictures is gearing up for NYC and LA theatrical release in early 2023, with a digital release to follow.

Michael Repsch, President of Dark Star Pictures, said Boreham had “created a captivating and visually stunning take on the love affair between the big city and the countryside. This refreshing take is a great representation of the stories Dark Star wants share with the public.


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