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As federal elections loom, Australians are being urged to reconsider what power looks like in a new campaign to promote women in parliament.

The “Power As You’ve Never Seen It” campaign, created by Women for Election – an organization that supports and trains women who want to enter politics – encourages women from all political backgrounds to get involved.

The campaign aims to change the perspectives of traditional images of power, Licia Heath, CEO of Women for Election, told AAP.

But it also aims to encourage voters to support women candidates, she added.

“We’re not asking people to change their political views or their morals, but if there’s a woman on the ballot that reflects your views, vote for her,” said Ms Heath, who ran in an election. part of 2018 for the Sydney. seat of Wentworth as an independent.

The campaign – launched on Monday – follows research showing that half of 1,017 people polled did not feel represented by current leaders.

Meanwhile, one in two people think more women elected to parliament will go a long way in tackling gender inequality in Australia, and 44% of people have a woman in their lives who they think would make a great representative Politics.

Ms Heath said there are women in the community every day who show extraordinary leadership, but often do not see their skills applicable to politics.

“That’s because if you Google the word ‘power’, it comes up with very traditional old-world images like men in business suits or shirtless on horseback,” she said.

“We’re asking people to ask themselves what power really is, what it looks like and what do we want it to look like, because we know women already have the skills to succeed in government.

“If you care, you qualify.”

Women for Election commissioned the research in an online survey with quotas to ensure participants represented different ages, genders and locations.

The non-partisan campaign is also supported by UN Women Australia, the first collaboration between the two organisations.

UN Women Australia CEO Simone Clarke said the world’s most pressing challenges can only be met when women have equal opportunities for participation, representation and leadership.

“Gender equality…cannot be achieved without equal representation of women and an equal distribution of power, regardless of gender,” she said.

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