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This is an opinion piece by Charles MacKenzie, Head of Business Development at BitcoinRacing.

Have you ever seen an articulated lorry driving past you with a huge shiny Bitcoin logo and the flag of El Salvador plastered to the side as you cruise down the UK highways? My guess is no! Well, not yet anyway! But now, thanks to the efforts of a family run team, you may be able to see this incredible sight on your daily commute. Be sure to honk and wave when you see BitcoinRacing HGV racing transporter pass by!

“Wow, I couldn’t believe it,” said James, a huge racing fan who met the Bitcoin Racing team at the Oulton Park circuit. “I googled it as soon as I got back to my laptop and was even more amazed. It really reminded me of bitcoin because I was so excited to see bitcoin associated with racing cars !

BitcoinRacing is a family-run racing team doing its part to increase awareness, education, and adoption of Bitcoin, while simultaneously supporting El Salvador, through the age-old and highly respected medium of motorsport advertising. So far, the team has worked full-time on the project and invested their own money to spread the word about Bitcoin. They do so out of passion and a belief firmly rooted in the philosophy of bitcoin, but also because bitcoin helped the family escape the dramatic financial quagmire into which the 2008 financial collapse forced them – like so many. others around the world.

“It was amazing. Bitcoin, a financial technology outside of the traditional system, saved my family from the chaos caused by the 2008 recession,” said Charlie Mackenzie, co-founder of Bitcoin Racing. that we want to give back and raise awareness of Bitcoin through motorsport, so that others can learn how it can enrich their lives too.”

BitcoinRacing enters four Bitcoin-delivered cars in a close-contact, large-grid racing championship called the Nankang Tires City Car Cup. This can be watched live on the BRSCC YouTube channel where all racing enthusiasts can show their support from a distance. You can also catch their live events at races across the UK as the team aims to become a hub for Bitcoin enthusiasts where like-minded people can connect while enjoying index races high octane! To see the dates and locations of their next race, visit their website:

Through the team’s current efforts, they expect tens of thousands of people to be exposed to the Bitcoin logo during races, as well as on their heavy-duty transporter, which will travel at least 5,000 miles across the UK for this national racing competition. For the people they make an impression on, BitcoinRacing is ready to provide them with unbiased educational resources they can use to learn more about Bitcoin and its world-changing properties. The team is currently creating this Bitcoin-only training course with German engineer and investor Florian Riemer, the founder of @simplecryptocom, which can be downloaded for free from their website.

Having undertaken such a noble cause, the racing team touched the hearts of the nation of El Salvador and became one of the only motor racing teams in the world to have the endorsement of an entire country, including the first to make bitcoin legal tender. .

Matthew Speer, Marketing Director of BitcoinRacing, and Chris Mackenzie, Driver of Car 21, recently discussed these developments with Her Excellency Mrs. Vanessa Interiano, Ambassador of El Salvador to the UK, during an event at the Embassy. from El Salvador to Mayfair, London. Discussions focused on how BitcoinRacing and the government of El Salvador can work together to increase awareness of Bitcoin across the world, and also promote tourism and investment in El Salvador.

bitcoin racing team with El Salvador

Matthew Speer and Chris Mackenzie with Her Excellency Mrs. Vanessa Interiano at the Embassy of El Salvador holding a photo of one of the “bitcoin racing x El Salvador” cars.

One of the results of the meeting was the decision to display the national flag of El Salvador on all BitcoinRacing vehicles, and a historic partnership for the first time in the world was formed. The Ambassador demonstrated the Central American nation’s commitment by traveling to watch the team’s first race on April 9, at Oulton Park Circuit, where not only did BitcoinRacing place one of its cars on the winning podium, but the whole team also received an official invitation to visit El Salvador following the day’s events!

El Salvador bitcoin racing team cars

All BitcoinRacing vehicles and team apparel carry the El Salvador flag.

“For Bitcoin Racing to receive such a level of support from the first nation in the world to adopt Bitcoin is nothing short of fantastic. We continue to develop such a strong and genuine friendship with El Salvador and move forward exploring together many exciting avenues and projects,” said Matthew Speer. “We are thrilled to stand with El Salvador as we all push for broader acceptance of Bitcoin and begin to see how the positive impact and the vast improvement in the quality of life it can bring to people around the world.”

Following the success of their first race, BitcoinRacing began to actively follow social media trends and were tweeted and posted by various Salvadoran government departments, including the Office of Communications at the Presidency (370,000 subscribers), the Department of International Affairs and the Department of Tourism. The British Embassy in El Salvador also followed closely in their wake. Media coverage was effervescent in the days following the race with press articles about the team appearing in local newspapers across the Central American nation, including the El Salvador Daily and El Salvador times.

Excitingly, the team expects El Salvador’s support to continue long term and they are delighted to hopefully meet President Nayib Bukele on a future visit. The team expects to work with the country to advance its team, and therefore the flag of El Salvador, into high-calibre championships, which reach a global audience.

BitcoinRacing is now gearing up to propel its team – if funds are available – to the Porsche Carrera Cup Britain which has a live TV audience of 1.7 million viewers and is promoted on official Porsche social media accounts, who have a combined total of 35 million- plus followers. Overall the event, which is part of the TOCA package alongside British Touring Cars, attracts a staggering live audience of over 400,000 at races throughout the season. Porsche has estimated this exposure for sponsors to be worth over £450,000 per car, but the BitcoinRacing team – driven by a passion unparalleled in the driving industry – is offering Bitcoin this completely for free!

In fact, the official Porsche website has calculated that “the value of a driver or team sponsorship in the Porsche Carrera Cup GB” can be estimated at around £250,000 in PR coverage and £200,000 in TV coverage. . ”

As a result, Bitcoin will now be associated with speed, adrenaline, and excitement, and the BitcoinRacing team is confident that this will massively help them improve Bitcoin brand awareness and cement the currency as a familiar name. The team has already caught the eye of one of El Salvador’s best-known racing drivers, Sebastian Melrose, who will soon be signing up as the team’s official driver.

“As soon as I raced with these guys, I was completely drawn to them,” said Melrose, a Salvadoran professional race driver who earned a podium spot for BitcoinRacing in the first race. “The family team made me feel at home.”

“Their story and their ambitions for where they see themselves in the future has got me excited because that’s exactly where I saw myself going before I met them. The team is the first of its kind to have the support of a nation and the fact that El Salvador supports the team makes me proud to be Salvadoran,” he added. “I look forward to working with the team representing my country and helping the world to find bitcoin.”

bitcoin racing team all together el salvador

Meet the team from left to right: Sebastian Melrose (7), Liam Browning (91), Carlos Valderrama (special guest of the first race and founder of Legal Paradox), Charlie Mackenzie (210) and Chris Mackenzie (21).

In addition to the global brand coverage that the Bitcoin logo can hope to gain from this massive enterprise, BitcoinRacing also has another trick up its sleeve to increase Bitcoin brand exposure even further. The team is recruiting a famous star pilot to their team who is about to appear on a show with an audience of 60 million. This celebrity will become a driver for the team and a prominent advocate for Bitcoin and team sponsors.

In summary, BitcoinRacing can increase awareness and adoption of Bitcoin by exposing millions of motorsports fans to Bitcoin, using a famous influencer to champion Bitcoin, and through marketing support and endorsement from El Salvador. More and more, the press and social networks gravitate around this unique formula that combines family, cryptocurrency and racing cars.

“After interviewing and getting to know the Bitcoin Racing team, I’m extremely excited to see what these guys will accomplish,” said Daniel Prince, founder of the Once BITten podcast. “They are an independent family team that spans 3 generations with the perfect blend of talent, experience, dedication and passion to fulfill their dream of competing in the Porsche Carrera Cup with a fleet of cars delivered in Bitcoin! “

“I will personally do whatever I can to help connect the team with people from space who share a passion for motorsport and spread the message and education of Bitcoin!”

BitcoinRacing is actively seeking sponsorships and would love to hear from you if you want your brand to be seen by millions of people around the world alongside Bitcoin and the flag of El Salvador. The team is also available to help companies find distribution partners in El Salvador and support them in launching apps, websites or brands in the country, thanks to their close relationship with the nation.

The bitcoin racing team at the car in El Salvador

Also, if you want to support the team, you can follow them on Twitter (@bitcoin_racing) and kindly help them by donating on their website. You can also visit their website at to donate and get in touch with the team.

This is a guest post by Charles MacKenzie. The opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Magazine.


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