Avid Unveils Next Generation NEXIS Shared Storage Solutions


Avid has unveiled the next generation of its Avid NEXIS shared storage solutions, featuring the Avid NEXIS F-Series family of storage engines and Avid NEXIS | VFS (virtual file system).

Available now, Avid NEXIS F-Series solutions are designed to enable media production teams of all sizes to work from anywhere by providing secure, remote access to media and metadata via online storage, locally, in the cloud and in the archives. Avid NEXIS | VFS allows users to deploy Avid NEXIS storage on-premises, in the cloud, or as a SaaS solution.

Avid NEXIS F-Series

With performance up to over 30 gigabytes per second, Avid’s new family of NEXIS F-Series storage engines aims to give media production organizations the power to accelerate complex media workflows.

This new generation of systems also includes Avid NEXIS | Introduction PRO+ for small collaborative teams, which aims to optimize the entire content lifecycle at every stage of production – from ingest, editing and finishing, to project parking, to backup , reassignment and archiving.


Serving as the brains behind the Avid NEXIS F series and Avid NEXIS | PRO+, the reinvented Avid NEXIS | VFS now virtualizes storage into a single pool of shared resources, allowing teams of all sizes to quickly and securely access content from anywhere.

Avid NEXIS | VFS software also includes built-in intelligence to automate administrative tasks and allow Avid NEXIS F-Series storage to adapt to changing workloads without user intervention, including dynamic reallocation of storage capacity and bandwidth optimization to ensure protection with automatic disk rebuild.

Avid NEXIS | VFS enables hundreds of users to simultaneously browse, find, and share media and projects from anywhere – at the facility, on location, or at home.

“With remote collaboration now the norm for most production and creative teams around the world, media companies are looking to scale their infrastructures and take the next step in their cloud journey without impacting performance or reliability,” said David Colantuoni, vice president, product management, video and multimedia solutions, Avid.

“Avid NEXIS enables organizations of all sizes to do just that. Whether delivering unparalleled collaborative performance, bringing intelligence to media workflows, or providing unprecedented flexibility, Avid NEXIS enables remote operations like never before.

The new Avid NEXIS F series and Avid NEXIS | VFS is available today as a subscription offering via the recently announced Avid NEXIS | FLEX purchase plan.


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