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Washington-based Bartell Drugs, founded in Seattle in 1890 and now owned by Rite Aid, is closing one of its largest stores in Seattle. Business conditions and costs are cited among the reasons for the forced closure reported in a recent article by The town square.

Crime is on the rise in China Town and the recent community outrage on the planned expansion of Sound Transit which will force several businesses to close, has a negative effect not only on Bartell Drugs, but on other family businesses in the China Town area where the Bartell store is located.

Seattle in recent months has seen several major companies are closing stores downtown, posing security concerns for their employees and customers.

The anti law enforcement Seattle City Council policies and recent legislation passed by the Washington State Legislature directly contributed to security problems in Seattle and other areas.

The good news is that by reversing course, repealing punitive laws against law enforcement, and prosecuting criminals, business should pick up in downtown Seattle. Internal Bill 2037adopted by the legislature in 2022, is a first step in this direction, but there is still much to be done.


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