Anaergia commissions an RNG wastewater treatment plant in California

Anaergia’s subsidiary, SoCal Biomethane, has commissioned the Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority (VVWRA) in California.

The Victorville facility is the first wastewater treatment plant in California to inject RNG made from sewage solids and food waste into a utility pipeline.

SoCal Biomethane has retrofitted VVWRA’s existing wastewater treatment plant, retrofitting existing anaerobic digesters with Anaergia’s high-throughput, high-efficiency Omnivore technology and Anaergie’s biogas conditioning and upgrading technology package which produces pipeline-grade RNG.

These additional technologies allow the facility not only to treat wastewater, but also to receive food waste collected by waste haulers in the area. The plant will be able to produce and inject up to 320,000 MMBtu of RNG into the region’s pipeline each year.

“Under Senate Bill 1383, every California municipality must now find a way to reduce food waste and other organic waste that ends up in landfills,” said Andrew Benedek, president and CEO of Anaergia.

“Anaergia offers a unique set of technologies that convert existing wastewater treatment plant infrastructure into highly efficient systems capable of treating both residual wastewater solids and food waste.

“In this way, the existing infrastructure can be extended to meet California’s new requirements very efficiently. The net result is beneficial for all parties involved, as it reduces the cost of operating a sewage treatment plant, helps the municipality meet organic waste disposal requirements, and helps our planet by creating carbon fuel. negative.

“Our partnership with VVWRA is an example for the entire state of how to effectively address current demands.”

Richard Corey, CEO of the California Air Resources Board, said, “The RNG being created here will be used as a carbon-negative transportation fuel to replace petroleum and help California meet its clean air and energy goals. change while supporting Californian cleantech jobs. ”

Anaergia delivered this project as part of a public-private partnership building this state-of-the-art infrastructure with financial partners North Sky Capital and Live Oak Bank, construction partner WM Lyles and gas utility partner Southwest Gas.


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