Ams Osram sells its LED driver business to China’s Inventronics


Ams Osram has agreed to sell its European and Asian LED driver business to China’s Inventronics, marking the latest offloading of ams Osram’s lighting operations as it focuses on the chip-level business in LEDs, lasers and sensors.

Neither Austria-based Premstaetten nor Hangzhou-based Inventronics disclosed the purchase price.

The company that ams sells is called Digital Systems, also known as Digital Systems Eurasia. It is based in Garching, Germany, and has approximately 600 employees. Ams Osram sold the North American part of Digital Systems to Acuity Brands a year ago and had been looking for a buyer for Eurasia ever since.

Digital Systems is known for its LED drivers (power components), LED light engines, electronic ballasts, and components for Internet connectivity.

Announcing the most recent sale, ams Osram said: “The ams Osram Europe and Asia Digital Systems business primarily develops power supplies with lighting modules, software and connectable components for lighting. traditional and LED.

He also noted that “these are essential components for luminaires in professional lighting applications that enable smart lighting solutions and digitization.”

That would seem to fit well with LED driver supplier Inventronics, a publicly traded company with manufacturing facilities in China, India, and Mexico, and distribution centers in the United States and the Netherlands.

“We are delighted with this transaction,” said Inventronics CEO Marshall Miles. “We are convinced that this will allow us to create even more value for our customers, our employees and our shareholders. The combined portfolio and capabilities, coupled with the fact that we will not be competing with our customers, should make us the first choice for LED drivers with a very large market share.

Garching will continue to serve as a “vital facility”, an Inventronics spokesperson said LED magazine.

But when pressed for more information on how Inventronics will absorb Digital Systems’ people, sites and operations, neither Inventronics nor ams Osram provided clarity. It appears that some management roles will not be transferred.

“I believe that all full-time DS-Eurasia employees who wish to join Inventronics will be offered to do so,” an Inventronics spokesperson said. LEDs. “It is expected that we will also hire to replace some of the business functions that are not transferred.”

While noting that “the DS-Eurasia leadership team will be welcome at Inventronics”, he also stated that “roles and responsibilities will likely change for many people as we restructure to optimize the expanded organization. “.

He added: “We don’t anticipate any major location changes in the near term.”

A spokesperson for ams Osram only said that “the planning phase of the integration will only begin shortly”.

LED drivers and internet connectivity systems are no longer the responsibility of ams Osram. Since acquiring Munich-based Osram in July 2020, ams has remained true to its intention to exit finished lighting systems, as it focuses on semiconductors not just for lighting, but also for all sorts of other areas, including health monitoring and the artificial and virtual realities of the “metaverse”, to name a few.

In the second most recent of a long list of sales, ams last month agreed to sell its Hong Kong-based Traxon Technologies architectural and façade lighting equipment to Prosperity Group of Hong Kong. Readers will find a longer list of transactions at this link, but it should be noted that ams was so determined to leave lighting systems behind that it even agreed to offload Austin, Texas-based Fluence. , which provides lighting for high-growth horticulture. market. This sale, to Signify, closed in May.

One lighting entity that is still part of the ams Osram stable is the Clay Paky entertainment group. Ams Osram has announced plans to sell Clay Paky this year.

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