Advertisement closed for Roy Scheider’s latest film on Facebook’s orders — The Daily Jaws


The film is set in Germany with flashbacks to Nazi-occupied Poland. It follows the story of Joseph (Scheider), a retired NYPD cop who visits his estranged son Ronnie and becomes convinced that his neighbor is the SS commander, who massacred his entire family in 1941.

Scheider’s character convinces his son to help him kidnap the neighbor. The two-time Oscar-nominated actor died before the film was completed, but it has now been completed thanks to advances in CGI and AI technology.

Even Deputy Hendricks wouldn’t need to investigate Facebook’s claim to see that it doesn’t hold water, but – much like the coroner in Jaws – Meta-Facebook stood by its decision, even when it been appealed. Any advertising for the film on Facebook is prohibited.

And the filmmakers don’t find it funny, don’t find it funny at all. The film’s director, Joshua Newton, recently spoke to Rolling Stone magazine about the issue and its impact on the film’s scope.

He told them, “Every decent, sane human being on this planet should be alarmed by Meta-Facebook’s ban on advertising a Holocaust-related movie.

“Mark Zuckerberg has created a monster that has no control. It’s one thing to be flagged by an algorithm. It’s another thing for Meta-Facebook employees to review the flag and defend it, knowing very good that the title is not discriminatory and that the film is related to the Holocaust.

It would seem grossly unfair if Roy Scheider’s latest film didn’t find its target audience as easy as it should, simply because Facebook won’t let it advertise.

If the movie sounds somewhat familiar to Scheider fans, a version of it was released in 2009 as Iron Cross. Beautiful Blue Eyes is a reworking of this film, which was completed without Scheider as he died in 2008 while still in production. He had completed all of his scenes for the film, but technical issues meant reshoots, which of course could no longer include Scheider.


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