5 Tips for Optimizing Storage and Loading Carts for K-12


2. Would you like to charge with your storage cart?

Dead devices can abruptly interrupt learning. Consider a storage cart that can also charge multiple devices. If a storage and charging solution is best for your situation, be sure to confirm with the provider the exact brand of devices that will be charged; Manufacturers offer a variety of plugs and adapters to meet your needs.

3. Inventory tags can help IT track thousands of school devices

Even with storage carts in place, devices get broken, lost, or stolen, so it’s imperative to have a plan in place to track hundreds or thousands of assets.

IT should already have a spreadsheet with key information about each device, including the serial number, media access control address, and school location. IT can then transfer a unique asset number and other information to metal labels or adhesive labels.

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4. Secure your devices during holidays and summer vacations

Since laptops and other mobile devices are prime targets for thieves, they tend to be more vulnerable when schools close during the holidays. It is wise to ensure that rolling carts containing these expensive devices are stored in a room with an alarm system. If you make this part of your summer or pre-vacation routine, you’ll be in a better position to protect your investment.

5. Teach students to organize carts

I recommend teachers get a portable label printer and stick a number on the back of each device.

Then, spend the first two weeks of school getting students used to putting their devices back in the slots that match their numbers. For example, device 1 goes in slot 1; device 2 goes to slot 2, etc. Besides helping to keep the class organized, it also makes it easier to see which student was using which device. Finally, no one likes to grab a dead device; teach your students to plug in their devices when they are done using them.

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