One of the beer industry’s leading publications, All About Beer, is back in business.


The announcement that the venerable beer publication, All about beer, first published in 1979 and shut down in 2018, has been brought back from the dead has garnered enthusiastic responses from industry insiders and everyday drinkers alike. For decades, the magazine has been one of the most influential chroniclers of the ever-changing and evolving beer market in the United States and around the world.

Longtime beer journalists John Holl, editor of All About Beer from 2013 to 2017, and Andy Crouch, a frequent contributor, acquired the brand, digital assets and editorial archive. He will join their beer-centric media network, including digital publication Beer Edge, which they launched in 2019 to focus on the business side of the industry, and their Drink Beer, Think Beer podcast.

“All About Beer has always been a consumer-facing publication that has focused on bringing readers stories about what’s happening in and around the beer space,” says Holl. “The magazine and the brand have been around for so long that they know everything about different parts of the industry. We’re excited to bring them back online and share them with a new generation of readers curious about the history of beer and how things have evolved.”

Launched just as the craft beer revolution was beginning to take hold following the legalization of home brewing in the United States, the publication welcomed many of the most influential voices in the emerging brewing industry. But what has made the magazine invaluable is its commitment to educating its readers about all aspects of beer, from funky craft beers to commercially produced pilsners. The editors of All About Beer are committed to telling the full story of one of the world’s most popular beverages.

One of the first steps taken by Holl, the publisher, and Couch, the publisher, was to restore the All About Beer website and restock the nearly forty-year-old editorial content they now own. They also brought back all the social media threads. The plan, for now, is to focus on boosting the publication’s digital presence.

“We both love print, and the magazine certainly has a long history in print, but the whole nature of media has changed,” says Holl. “We want to get smart, thoughtful content to people as quickly as possible, and digital is the best way to accomplish that these days.

The funding plan for their business is still being finalized, with traditional and website advertising being reviewed as well as possible sponsorships. They launched a crowdfunding campaign through Patreon and pledged to keep the site’s paywall free.

One of their first projects will be to launch an All About Beer podcast which will debut soon. On top of that, they’ll bring in writers, critics, and journalists to cover the ever-changing beer landscape. In the announcement on their site announcing his return, they emphasized that they would be looking for a broad group of people to tell their stories, ones that will hopefully reflect the diversity changes that have taken place in the industry since All About Beer was last published.

The resurrection of one of the industry’s most essential voices couldn’t come at a better time as the beer landscape is undergoing significant change. Hard seltzer and a wide range of new products are attracting consumer attention, non-alcoholic beverages are booming, and the ever-growing reach of cannabis continues to grow. Additionally, the exponential growth of the craft beer industry has slowed, even though there are over 9,000 breweries across America today. It’s a large and diverse market that needs a strong voice.

“We are humbled and honored to bring this post back and hope to create something that will mean something to people while honoring its past,” Holl said. “All About Beer can be the voice of education for a whole new generation of brewers and drinkers.”


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