Linfox launches first electric truck for Coles


The first electric truck was introduced by Linfox into the operations of Australian supermarket chain Coles.

Considered an important step towards the shared sustainability goals of Linfox and Coles, the Fuso eCanter serves several Coles stores in New South Wales, loading products from the Eastern Creek distribution center for delivery to Coles supermarkets and new Coles stores Local.

Based on intended use, at least 60 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e) emissions will be avoided each year with this vehicle compared to the Euro 6 diesel truck of the same size, Linfox said in a statement. Press release.

“As a leading logistics provider that has traditionally relied on fossil fuels to move goods, Linfox is committed to finding alternative energy sources to power our customers’ supply chains,” said said Peter Fox, executive chairman of Linfox.

“Partnering with a trusted Australian retailer like Coles, which connects customers to products from thousands of farmers and suppliers, is where the switch to electric vehicles can make the biggest difference.”

David Clark, Coles Transport Safety and Sustainability Manager – Supply Chain, said Coles was looking for supplier partners who aligned with its sustainability values, and noted that Linfox was a natural choice for the electric truck project.

“We are proud to work with Linfox Logistics to deliver Coles’ first electric truck. We are excited to see how electric truck technology evolves and look forward to continuing to work with Linfox to discover ways to reduce emissions in our supply chain through alternative fuel technologies.

Daimler Truck and Bus Australia Pacific President and CEO Daniel Whitehead welcomed the addition of the Fuso eCanter to the Linfox-Coles fleet.

“Linfox and Coles have long relied on the regular Fuso Canter to deliver to Australians, and we know they will love the pioneering electric eCanter technology,” he said.

“We are delighted that these two iconic Australian companies have chosen the Fuso eCanter to help them move towards a zero-emissions future,” concluded Whitehead.

As a major supply chain partner, Linfox will use the results of this trial and its other electric vehicle trials to better understand how other scalable solutions can be integrated into the distribution network in Australia to maintain stores. Coles sourced essentials sustainably.

Linfox now has six electric vehicles in service for major customers, including Bunnings, announced in March.


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