Asian American/Pacific Islander Nurses Association and JMIR Publications Announce New Partnership to Publish Asian/Pacific Islander Nursing Journal


Newswise — (TORONTO/PHILADELPHIA, April 26, 2022) the Association of Asian American/Pacific Islander Nurses (AAPINA) and JMIR Publications announce a new agreement to publish the Asian/Pacific Island Nursing Journal (APINJ) on behalf of the association. AAPINA will leverage the comprehensive support suite offered by JMIR, including: editorial expertise in indexing and content strategy, best-in-class copy editing and composition, and promotional services such as knowledge translation programs and author interviews.

The number of nursing professionals in Asia has exploded in recent years, while Asians/Pacific Islanders (A/PI) are the fastest growing minority group in the United States. However, research on the health disparities and cultural and educational challenges faced by these patient groups is desperately limited. Formed out of a 1992 conference hosted by the U.S. Department of Health for minority leaders in nursing, AAPINA champions the work of A/PI nurses through education, networking, policy and advocacy. research.

To help disseminate the scholarly work of AAPINA members and the A/PI communities they serve, the Asian/Pacific Island Nursing Journal was born in 2014. APINJ provides a dedicated home for research on all challenges that the A/PI community faces in engaging with health care, whether political, educational, cultural, or concerning disparities in health outcomes.

Dr. Hyochol Ahn, professor and associate dean for research at Florida State University College of Nursing and editor-in-chief of APINJ, says:

“Health care is an opaque institution for many, but cultural and other barriers only exacerbate these issues for the A/PI community. Transparent and accessible science can go a long way to addressing these issues – AAPINA is very pleased to partner with JMIR to advance our shared mission of educating patients and improving outcomes.

JMIR Publications is delighted to welcome APINJ to our growing family of journals, expanding our horizons to rigorously cover the significant gaps seen in health care for minority populations. AAPINA recognizes the importance of the principles of open science and transparency in overcoming barriers to equitable health care faced by A/PIs.

Dr. Gunther Eysenbach, Founder and CEO of JMIR Publications, says:

Asian/Pacific Islands Journal of Nursing is an important addition to what we can offer as a publisher. I am delighted to support the important voices and issues highlighted in the journal, and look forward to working with the Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board to propel the title to the forefront of research on health disparities among minority patients.

JMIR Publications is actively growing its society publishing business to support organizations that prioritize healthcare innovation and elevate the voices that are less heard. If you would like to learn more or partner with JMIR, please contact us at [email protected].


AAPINA is the unified voice of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) nurses worldwide. AAPINA strives to positively affect the health and well-being of AAPIs and their communities by: 1) supporting nurses and AAPI nursing students worldwide through research, practice and education ; 2) facilitate and promote networking and collaborative partnerships; and 3) influencing health policy through individual and community action.

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