A Complete List of Marvel Movies Based on Marvel Comics Publications


So it finally happens. You seriously start watching Marvel movies. You really have to because you’re sick of all your friends and co-workers going crazy again Avengers: Endgameor moon knightand how cool Iron Man is. You too want to be able to say something about it at work on a rather boring Monday morning.

Who remembers when Marvel went bankrupt and was basically an underdog? When he was just trying to get by and tell his own superhero stories while trying to survive in a saturated industry? Well, not anymore. Marvel is now an unstoppable juggernaut, with blockbuster after blockbuster zooming into theaters and raking in millions and millions of dollars. It has a steady schedule for producing movies and TV shows, and every new movie comes out with a marketing campaign so big and bold it’s hard to ignore.

Today we’re not going to tell you how to watch Marvel movies in chronological order (there are plenty of guides for that). Instead, we’ve decided to try and share which are the best Marvel movies, with all movies based on Marvel Comics publications. We are well aware that this is an impossible job since everyone has their own favorites (which is what makes this fandom so interesting), so don’t take it too seriously!


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